Enough people have visited me in the Hague that I felt that it was time to put together a little eating guide with my favorite restaurants in the Hague.  I prioritize authentic and good food over a fancy atmosphere.  As a result, I’ve left off some of the many high caliber restaurants in the Hague worth visiting if you’re open to splurging a little.  (I also left off junk food in the Hague!).  I include plenty of options for vegetarians and vegans.

As a warning, most of these restaurants are Pin only, so if you have a credit card, you will not be to use it unless it’s a Belgian or Dutch debit Maestro card.  I recommend having cash on hand if you are visiting the Hague from abroad as you might be surprised how many places do not accept credit cards.  I capped the price of the meal around 10-20 euros per person with drinks although some of the options are a bit more expensive, but provide good value for the price.

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I do not include breakfast/brunch recommendations here and you can read my other blog post about the best breakfasts in the Hague here.  For coffee recommendations, click for my post about the best coffee in the Hague. For beer, check my craft beer guide to the Hague.

I’ve chosen to group the restaurants by “type” of food as I felt like just listing restaurants wasn’t the best idea as I find it annoying to scroll endlessly when I have a specific kind of food in mind… I’ve included a few recommendations from friends.

Recommended, but haven’t tried yet: Krishna Villas (Indian), Taste of Persia (Iranian), Somos Peru (Peruvian), Restaurant Faroek (Moroccan), 3 Stones (Kenyan), King Falafel, New Meyva (vegetarian Roti), Irawaddy (Thai), Love and Peas (vegetarian), Queru (Mexican), ArabesQ (Arabic), Pastanini, Pinsart Italian Street Food, and Pizzeria Il Vesuvio (Italian).  I will update this list as I try out new places!

Asian restaurants in the Hague

Warung Bude Kati

Delicious Indonesian meal at Warung Bude Kati, one of the best Indonesian restaurants in the Hague.  This cozy restaurant is perfect for an authentic and affordable dinner in Den Haag. #travel #food #indonesian #holland #denhaag

Warung Bude Kati is my favorite Indonesian restaurant in the Hague.  This cozy restaurant that can get quite hot in summer is a great place for a long lazy dinner with friends.  Food can take a while, but it’s part of the experience.  I’ve been working through the menu for a while now. I’m a huge fan of the Lontong with the Gado Gado for people trying Indonesian for the first time.  This dish is also perfect for vegetarians.

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The owners (a mom and her son) serve up authentic Javanese food.  It’s a great choice for an affordable dinner out although their lunch special is also quite well priced! It’s perfect for larger groups who want to share.  Make a reservation ahead if you want the rijsttafel, which is a lot of food.  The soups and sate make for a great appetizer although you must save space for dinner… Pin or cash only.

Toko Dian

While we were living out in Scheveningen, our host for our temporary housing who is from Indonesia swore that this is the best Indonesian food in the area.  Indeed, we tried it and it was absolutely delicious.  If you’re out in Scheveningen, consider getting a delivery from them!  Perfect for a cozy night in. 

Woeng Kee

Woeng Kee, one of the best authentic Chinese restaurants in the Hague, perfect for dim sum in Chinatown.  #travel #food #holland

Woeng Kee is my favorite Chinese dim sum place in the Hague.  I’ve been to a couple, however unlike Full Moon, you can just order dim sum as you please with paying per order rather than total.  The menu is in Dutch only and you can only pay with pin (or cash).  It can get quite busy on the weekends as a warning!

Full Moon

I generally would consider Full Moon to not be a budget option, however they have a great lunchtime hot pot special.  (You can save money by checking on Social Deal as they sometimes give a reduction via the app.) Their Chinese hot pot is really delicious and I love being able to add what I want.  The broth is meat-based, so not ideal for vegetarians. 

Noord-Oost Chinees Eethuis

This eatery in Chinatown came recommended by my friend Dominica.  China has so many regions, so as you can imagine, you’ll have some diversity.  This restaurant focuses on food from the North Eastern province of China close to Korea and according to my friend, they serve up home-style cooking. If you’re tired of dim sum, come here. 

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Delicious Uyghur food at Kaniway, a unique restaurant in the Hague perfect for groups! #travel #food #denhaag #holland

Kaniway serves up delicious Uyghur food. For those who don’t know about the Uyghurs, they’re a minority ethnic group that primarily lives in China who are practicing Muslims.  Their food is a mix of the best parts of Chinese, Russian, and Turkish food.    I loved the dumplings (Chöqüra) as well as the main dish made with chicken.

Portions at Kaniway are incredibly generous and perfect for a nice dinner out with friends where everyone shares.  Even with three of us, we were full after dumplings, a side of vegetable, and a main dish.  Their portions are intended for sharing, so come hungry.

I don’t necessarily recommend this restaurant for vegetarians as you’ll have more limited options for sharing.  As a warning, when you’re told that something is spicy, it will be spicy.  I’d recommend making a reservation ahead if you want to come around dinner as they get quite busy.

De Peper Authentic Thai Food

We stumbled upon this cozy Thai restaurant in de Bomenbuurt.  Hidden on a shopping street, you’ll walk in and wonder if you’ve been transported to Thailand…. It’s definitely not what I expected.  The portions are very well-sized and the food is really authentic.  You can dine in or order delivery if you live in the area.

Lime Leaf and Red Pepper (Mingle Mush)

For those who are frustrated with the card situation, I recommend heading to Mingle Mush.  This food hall near Den Haag Centraal holds numerous eateries, perfect for larger groups where everyone wants something different.  (There’s also a great craft beer bar inside.) 

My friend Nicole recommended Lime Leaf and Red Pepper and it did not disappoint.   The portions are generous and I recommend using some caution in requesting your food to be spicy.   There’s another stall across the way for Thai curries, but my friends agree that Lime Leaf is the better one.

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Mr. Bap

Delicious Korean meal at Mr. Bap, a cozy Korean cafe in the Hague perfect for an affordable dinner in Den Haag. #travel #holland #food

Mr. Bap is a small Korean restaurant hidden in a corridor.  This restaurant owned by a sweet Korean family is a great place for Korean take-out as well as a quick lunch/dinner.  If you’re looking for a healthy break, take a seat and try out the food here.  If I recall correctly, they are cash only.

Buddha Bowl

I went to this cozy vegan-friendly restaurant a while ago.  I ended up really loving my healthy Buddha Bowl, which made me feel very good afterwards.  Their smoothies are really delicious.  This is a great spot for vegetarians/vegans as the staff is very careful about dietary restrictions.  The interior is really charming and Buddha Bowl is a nice place to relax.

North, Central, and South American restaurants in the Hague

Burger Bar

For the best burgers and vegetarian burgers in the Hague, I recommend Burger Bar.  This Dutch burger restaurant is creative with their options for those looking for a high quality burger.  They have chicken, beef (with various origins), chickpea, as well as mushroom burgers available. 

Warung Mini

Delicious Surinamese meal at Warung Mini, one of the best Surinamese restaurants in the Hague.  #travel #food #holland #hague

For Surinamese-Javanese  food, I recommend Warung Mini.  This popular halal restaurant is always busy and its location near Spui makes it a great place for meeting people.  You’ll probably have to wait for a table, but if you’re looking to surprise guests with something different… you will definitely succeed.

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They’re open for lunch and dinner.   There is an English menu available if your Dutch is not up to par.  I’d recommend “Rijst Pom Groenten,” shown above.  Pom is a vegetable from Suriname with a really unique taste, closest to a sweet potato.  It was what the waitress recommended although my husband also loved their Roti.  

Empanadas at the Haagse Markt

Dominican empanada in the Hague, one of the most delicious things to eat in the Hague! #travel #food #hague #holland

This Carribean stand along the first row of the Haagse Markt (one of my favorite places in the Hague) serves up delicious empanadas to-go.  I recommend having the cash on hand as they’re cash only like many vendors in the Haagse Markt.  This is mostly for meat eaters although they sometimes have a vegetarian option. Be sure to take a bit of the salsa, which is made with tomatoes and not spicy. There are unfortunately no seats available.

Five Guys

Hamburger and fries at Five Guys in the Hague, the Netherlands.  This American chain has good American food in the Hague. #travel #food #americana

As an American living in the Netherlands, I enjoy a good burger now and then.  I have a soft spot for Five Guys, which I loved even before I left the US.   Their small burger is equivalent to the size of most Dutch burgers.  Be sure to get the fries with cajun seasoning.  Not for vegetarians unless you only get a drink, a milkshake, or fries.  

European restaurants in the Hague


Meal at the Dutch buffet, Barn47.  This concept restaurant in the Hague is worthwhile to for anyone looking for a romantic restaurant for date night! #travel #food #holland #netherlands

Barn47 is a concept of a food hall where all the food is included in the price.  I’ve been to a number of Dutch buffets and I’ve been consistently disappointed, but I really do feel the quality as well as the price/quality is worth it here. 

I was really impressed with the Asian food as well as the Mexican food.  We left very full.  This is the least budget option on this list as you’ll end up spending around 25-30 euros per person plus drinks, however I think that it’s worth it if you’re looking for a romantic date night and you’re very hungry! 



Instock is a great option for an affordable lunch or dinner that is sustainable.  This restaurant recycles food from Albert Heijn into an ever changing menu of delicious dishes that are likely to surprise you.  Their meals are really affordable, the atmosphere is nice, and the location just across from the Binnenhof can’t be beaten.  (Good for vegetarians and vegans.)

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Simonis aan de Haven

For fresh fish Dutch-style, come to the casual Simonis aan de Haven in Scheveningen.  As the fish is from Simonis, one of the most famous fish vendors in the Hague, you can expect quality without the stinging price tag. Great for fish and chips.

Bik Friteswerk

After trying different frites places in the hague, I have concluded that Bik is my favorite fries place in the Hague.  However, it’s not just fries.  Their fries come loaded with extras, which are enough for a meal.  I often come here if I’m walking through centre near Den Haag Centraal as the shop is very close to the station.  It’s a great place to stop off after some drinks. 😉

I really enjoyed their Bik Pulled Pork although my husband really liked the Bik with guacamole.  An important note is that they have sweet potato fries available, which are my fries of choice.  The mayo selection is quite good and I love their harissa mayo.  Good for vegetarians as well as meat eaters.


Delicious khachapuri at Suhumi, a Georgian restaurant in the Hague.  If you're looking for a romantic meal in the Hague, this is where to eat! #travel #food #georgian #holland #Netherlands

Suhumi is on the upper price side of this list, but it’s still one of my favorite restaurants in the Hague.  I really do feel that you can get a steal here given the quality as well as the portion sizes although expect to pay at least 15 euros per person.

I ended up splitting a khachapuri with a friend as well as ordering a side dish, which was more than enough food for me.  (Expect to pay more if you intend to order Georgian wine, which is fantastic.) Reserve a table ahead. The khachapuri, a cheesy Georgian delicacy made with four different cheeses, will blow your mind if you’ve never had Georgian food before.  The soup dumplings are also unique and plentiful.



This Russian supermarket and cafe in the Hague has started serving Russian food as part of a cafe at the store. They have huge samovars for the authentic Russian tea experience. If you love Russian food, stop here for a nice tea as well as delicious lunch.  (You can also do your grocery shopping at the same time.)  

African and Middle Eastern restaurants in the Hague…


Delicious meal at Hummus, a delicious Middle Eastern restaurant in Den Haag perfect for every budget. #travel #food #holland #netherlands

For a delicious taste of the Middle East, head to Hummus.  This chain that started in Delft has amazing options for vegans as well as vegetarians.  Their hummus, pita bread, and salad are absolutely delicious–and it’s perfect for sharing during a romantic date night.  I was really surprised during my first time here how much food there is, so come prepared to eat.   Be sure to try their mint tea, which is a nice treat in colder weather.

Baladi Manouche

Delicious meal at Baladi Manouche, a Lebanese restaurant in the Hague perfect for lunch! #travel #food #holland

This Lebanese restaurant in the Hague is a great option for an affordable lunch in Center, especially for vegetarians and vegans!  They serve wraps as well as other Lebanese snacks/desserts.  There are a few chairs at the shop, which makes it better for takeout.

Do you have any other favorite restaurants in the Hague that you’d recommend?

Looking for the best food in the Hague, the Netherlands?  A guide to the best restaurants in the Hague for lunch and dinner for any budget, including the best authentic Indonesian food in the Hague! #holland #thehague #netherlands #food