I knew that the Hague was cosmopolitan, however I never expected the range of cafes in the Hague that I’ve found here.  As someone who is an entrepreneur, I find that working at a coffee shop (not that kind!) helps me feel both refreshed and inspired in a way that I cannot feel at home.  Similarly, there’s a lot of taking a moment to enjoy on a good cup of coffee and the little joys that something so simple can bring, so keep reading for my favorite cafes and coffee shops in the Hague!

A brief history of coffee in the Hague and the Netherlands

It’s actually quite fitting to drink coffee in the Hague as it is the Dutch who we can thank for our coffee addictions. Long before the West discovered coffee, it was widely enjoyed elsewhere in the Middle East/Asia, however traders from Yemen tried to control the supply once it was discovered by Europeans.

In 1616, a Dutch trader stole one of the fertile seedlings and brought it back to Amsterdam. Within the next hundred years, the Dutch started cultivating coffee in Ceylon (now Sri Lanka), partially due to slave labor.  As soon as the Dutch were able to supply their own coffee, the demand flourished.  As a result, the first coffee shop in the Netherlands opened here in the Hague on Korte Voorhout in 1664.

After perfecting the coffee plant itself in Amsterdam, Java (in Indonesia today) became the setting for large-scale coffee plantations with forced labor.  This forced labor system remained in place until 1908.  Admittedly, the history of coffee still is interwoven with the history of forced labor in other forms.

Luckily today, we have the means to choose coffee that comes from sustainable roots in terms of labor as well as the environment.  In this list of coffee shops in the Hague, I’ve chosen to focus on cafes in the Hague that serve sustainable beans and/or make efforts to contribute back to the environment.  No green stuff, I promise. 😉

Best Cafes & Coffee Shops in the Hague

As a caffeine addict who writes full-time, I’ve done a lot of research for you all. 😉  To be fair, I’m lactose-intolerant and I often drink a latte when I’m out, however my husband is the one typically orders a black coffee.  I hope this list of the best coffee shops in the Hague (according me as well as friends) helps inspire you to get a nice coffee somewhere in the Hague.

I swore that I had photos of all of these cafes, but I’ll be updating this with better photos.  Similarly, I’ll do my best to keep this list updated with new recommendations, so let me know if I missed your favorite cafe in the Hague!  As I’m lactose-intolerant, I’ve probably missed a couple of places as I’ll leave immediately if there’s not a non-dairy milk alternative.  You’ll find a map at the bottom.

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The Bookstore

The Bookstore, one of the most beautiful cafes in the Hague. Read about where to get a great coffee in the Hague in this cafe guide to the Hague by a resident! #travel #Hague #Netherlands #Holland #coffee

This stunning bookstore cafe in a historic building with beautiful stained glass windows is straight out of your Instagram feed.  Complete with hipster staff and a good assortment of options for those with food allergies, you’re guaranteed to find something tasty to drink at this cozy cafe.  The wifi is fast and I never can resist browsing the selection of used books while relaxing here.  The slow pace is perfect for anyone looking for a relaxing cafe with atmosphere that can’t be beaten.

Hometown Coffee

Although this small cafe close to the Buitenhof always comes up on the lists of top cafes in the Hague and I can’t deny the fantastic taste of the coffee, I rarely come here as it’s often tough to find a seat.  The advantage is that it’s a quieter cafe that caters well to freelancers working on their computers although I struggled with finding an outlet here.  It’s one of my favorite places for coffee to go in the Hague while walking around the center.

Cafe Blossom

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This spacious cafe right around the corner from the Peace Palace is one of my favorite places for brunch and coffee in the Hague.  Unlike many other cafes that lack the seating for larger groups, I find that Cafe Blossom is perfect for laid-back group togethers.  Their menu is very reasonable as well as allergy-friendly, which is a huge plus in my book.  I also love how quiet this cozy cafe is, which makes it one of my top picks for cafes in the Hague to work in.

Urban Cafe

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This interesting cafe might surprise anyone visiting for the first time as it’s located in the middle of a furniture store.  Although the seating is limited as well as the outlets (an issue at coffee shops in the Hague), I found the atmosphere interesting.   I particularly enjoyed my fancy coffee and the view of the passing bike traffic.  Urban Cafe is a favorite among professionals taking in the quiet tasteful atmosphere.

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Photo of Bleyenberg, a concept cafe in the Hague and one of the best places to get coffee in the Hague late at night. #Haag #Hague #Netherlands #food #cafe

Bleyenberg is a new concept restaurant, cafe, and bar in the Hague.  Although I’ve been for dinner, I think that it should be added to the best cafes in the Hague as the atmosphere is really charming and they’re open late.  I think that this is an American thing, but I sometimes enjoy having a cup of coffee at night while chatting with friends.  Most cafes in the Hague (and in the Hague) only operate during “business hours,” so I recommend stopping by Bleyenberg for a nice coffee and a late night snack/meal if you’re in need of coffee before a night out on Grote Markt.

Pim Coffee, Sandwiches, & Vintage

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I absolutely love Pim Coffee for its bright, cheerful interior as well as its delicious menu.  I was really impressed with their section of non-dairy alternatives and my husband was impressed with their coffee that was done to perfection.  I found the environment very relaxing as well as the sweets indulgent.  Anyone with a sweet tooth needs to save a little space for one of their cakes.  The vintage-inspired interior with cute little items for your home is guaranteed to be a crowd favorite with kids as well as adults.  There’s two locations, one close to Den Haag HS and one in the Zeeheldenkwartier.

Pistache Cafe

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This vegan-friendly cafe in the historic centre in a stunning building is always crowded for its top-rated coffee and delicious vegan food.  Finding a seat can be a bit tricky, but it’s a favorite of one of my freelancer friends for its cozy environment.  They serve up Bocca coffee and gorgeous views of the Noordeinde Palace out the window.


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This cozy speciality coffee bar in the Hague makes up in warmth what it does space.  I’ve often struggled to find a seat here as it can get quite crowded on weekdays, however the coffee from this third wave coffee shop is worthwhile.  Stop in here for a slice of cake (or a healthier brunch) and a cup of coffee.


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I’ve stopped into Eef during a cold rainy downpour in the Regentessekwartier.  I loved the living room feeling as well as the focus on local, organic ingredients.  This cozy cafe has some serious hipster vibes due to its vintage furniture, however I was taken with it from the moment that I settled into a comfortable chair.

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Lebkov & Sons Den Haag

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This modern yet vintage inspired coffee shop is super vegan-friendly with a location close to Den Haag Centraal.  I found the atmosphere very quiet as well as inspiring for those looking for a cozy place to work although the line can be on the longer side. I absolutely love the tiling, which adds a bit of quirk. Due to its strategic location near Centraal, Lebkov has better hours than many other coffee shops in the Hague opening up 6AM on weekdays.  Skip Starbucks in Den Haag Centraal and come here instead on your way to work.

Anne&Max Den Haag Kerkplein

Anne&Max is a popular Dutch chain for coffee, however the location next to the Grote Kerk makes it an easy meeting place in the Hague.  As with all Anne&Max shops, the environment is relaxing enough that you don’t need to be rushed out and it’s lovely to have scenic views of the center.  For non-coffee drinkers, there’s a good tea selection.  They also serve pastries, lunch, and appetizers in case you’re getting hungry.  I should note that Anne&Max is open a little later (7pm some days) than many other coffee shops in the Hague as they serve wine.


Yet another speciality coffee bar in the Hague, Filtro often tops the list for best cafes in the Hague. For those of us working online, I would certainly agree although it can be a bit awkward to ask someone to share their table while you’re both on your laptops.  Arrive early for your own seat in this modern cafe.  Filtro is located on one of the most charming streets in the Hague, perfect for a coffee to go while strolling in the city center around Noordeinde.

La Mano Maestra

This cafe in the Hague won best coffee in the Netherlands recently.  For those interested in comparing La Mano Maestra to some of the other contenders, stop into this stunning building within a 17th century building close to Noordeinde Palace.  Be sure to look up at the ceiling.

Lola Bikes and Coffee

I considered NOT putting Lola Bikes and Coffee on the list as I had such a terrible experience here, however the coffee is good.  I only found out after paying that there’s no wifi, so skip this hipster coffee shop and bike shop in the Hague if you’re trying to work online.   (Everyone else seems to love Lola Bikes and Coffee.)

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Koffiebranderij BOON

This small coffee shop sells fresh beans with an ever-changing selection.  If you’re looking for sustainable, high-quality beans, BOON is one of the best places to go.  Similarly, if you’re looking for a tasty coffee with your choice of beans, I recommend stepping into BOON as they’ll make a fresh coffee for you!  They have a little table outside, perfect for enjoying a coffee at.


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This newer cafe in the Hague (with locations in Amsterdam and Rotterdam) has a stunning vintage-inspired/modern interior and a nice atmosphere for those looking for an atmospheric place for a coffee.   It’s located within a concept store, so if you’re looking for an bit of inspiration as well as some tasty food, FAFO is a good bet.

Eat Company

Eat Company is a local Haagse cafe and restaurant with three locations around the city.   For those looking for a quiet place to work, Urban Work Cafe focuses on creating a good working environment cafe while the other branches of Eat Company cater more to your typical cafe needs, so expect more noise.   The emphasis here is serving healthy food at an affordable price, so expect reasonable vegan-friendly food at a great price.  (Five euros!?)


Coffee-star is one of my favorite cafes in the Hague to work at as they’re closed within the public library.  Expect affordable prices, polite service, and a work-friendly environment with super fast wifi.    Right on Spui, you’ll find the cafe overlooking the main square and Primark, making it the perfect stop-off after a day of shopping.  There are other branches within the Hague, but this is my favorite one.

Capriole Café

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This unique cafe in the Hague, a short bike ride from Den Haag HS, is located within an old warehouse.  The baristas at Capriole Cafe are serving up organic coffee in a tasteful, minimalistic and professional environment.  I’d consider this cafe one of the better working cafes in the Hague.

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Hop & Stork

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This chocolatier and cafe in the UNESCO-recognized Passage has fantastic chocolate as well as tasty coffee for those who enjoy a more savory combination.  Here at Hop & Stork, you can find a good assortment of single-origin coffee with an ounce of creativity.  The chocolate is not to be missed, so be sure to ask for a piece while you’re enjoying your coffee.  If you’re lucky enough, you’ll have coffee art made by barista André Reis.

Coffee Company

I couldn’t leave out Coffee Company as it’s one of the most dependable places in the Hague for a decent cup of coffee and I often am working within a Coffee Company.  I know it’s not super local/independent, but I enjoy that the source of the coffee is well-defined and that Coffee Company is sensitive about food allergies.   You’ll find one all over the Hague.  The wifi is always fast and reliable.

Bagels and Beans

Cappuccino. Read about the best coffee shops in the Hague in a local guide to the best cafes in the Hague! #travel #coffee #cafes #Hague #netherlands

Photo by Peter Cho/Bigstockphoto

Another Dutch chain worth noting is Bagels and Beans.  This vegan-friendly cafe with several locations around the Hague has a good organic food selection, a decent selection of dairy-free options, and affordable meals.  I find Bagel and Beans one of my favorite places to work at within the Hague as the outlets are easily accessible, the service doesn’t bother you too much if you’re there a while, and it’s typically quiet.

Kicking Horse Cafe

After moving to Scheveningen, both my husband and I were a bit skeptical of this chain that everyone that I knew swore had the best coffee in Scheveningen.  I was won over by their creative coffee combinations, lots of seating, and good outlets.  It’s in the middle of the Paagman on Frederik Hendrikstraat, one of my favorite streets in the Hague.

Habana Beach

Brunch at Habana Beach in Kijkduin. Read about where to get coffee in the Hague in a local guide to the best coffee shops in the Hague. #food #coffee #hague #netherlands

This cozy beach-inspired restaurant with a good brunch close to Kijkduin is about to open for the season.  The coffee is delicious and if you’re looking for a relaxing cafe to work (or sit inside), I recommend stopping by here on a nice day before taking a walk on the beach.  Directly out the window is the North Sea, so expect crowds in summer!

Map of my favorite coffee shops in the Hague

Do you agree with these recommendations? Please let me know your favorite coffee shop in the Hague!

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