Is it weird that I consider breakfast a very important food group?  Maybe it’s my American upbringing, but I am a huge fan of breakfast and brunch.  This post is about the best brunch/breakfast cafes in the Hague by one very biased American couple living in the Hague.  I hope you get very hungry while reading this as I’m already planning my next brunch for this weekend…. I will be updating it periodically as new places open and other close.

Walter Benedict

Eggs Florentine from Walter Benedict, one of the best breakfast spots in the Hague for brunch lovers who like eggs. #travel #food #denhaag #holland

Walter Benedict is consistently one of the best brunch places in the Hague.  I finally got here with my husband.  Prices are a bit higher than other breakfast spots in the Hague, however I really loved my Egg Florentine.  If you love Eggs Benedict, you must try out this hotspot in the Hague.  The atmosphere is very relaxed and quiet enough to have a conversation.

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Pistache Cafe

Pistache Cafe is a popular lunch spot in the Hague very close to Noordeinde Palace.  On a day day, you can sit just outside of the garden.  I recently came here for brunch with a friend of mine who is incidentally very into a nice brunch.  We were very impressed with our offerings.  For those who are vegan, they have nice vegan drink options as well as several vegetarian options.  

Cafe Blossom

I am currently writing this from Cafe Blossom! This charming cafe near the Peace Palace is a popular spot in the Hague for lunch.  Their American pancakes are consistently perfect and their omelettes have impressed all of my friends who have come here.  I often will work here on a lazy afternoon as the coffee is good, the WiFi is fast, and the atmosphere is nice.  It is gezellig in the true sense of the word and the perfect place for brunch in the Hague.

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Club Vers

Club Vers is where I often meet friends who are vegan.  They have some of the best vegetarian as well as vegan brunch/breakfast in the Hague.  I’ve been consistently amazed by their creativity in terms of turning indulgent brunch favorites into something that I actually feel healthy eating.  It’s usually very quiet and relaxing inside, which is why I love having brunch here with friends.


Delicious British scones at Scally's, a British restaurant in Den Haag, the Netherlands with a great English breakfast. #travel #brunch #british #holland #netheralnds

I absolutely love Scally’s.  This quirky cafe with two locations in the Hague has a great British-style breakfast for anyone looking for a proper English breakfast.  I tried their scones and I thought they were great (although a bit pricey). 

I often come here with my husband as they are not stingy (as they write inside of the menu!) with their portions.  Their omelettes are likely to leave you full for the entire day as they always come with a side of beans.  The decorations are certainly unique and I love their royal family artwork. 

Yogurt Barn

For my dairy lovers Yoghurt Barn is a great option for all your dairy needs.  As someone lactose-intolerant, I need to pass unfortunately, but if your ideal breakfast is fairly healthy, head to Yoghurt Barn for both healthy as well as indulgent yogurt.  


I cannot believe I don’t have a good photo from Bloem.  Bloem is a cafe hidden behind Plein.  This Dutch cafe is really for those seeking a more indulgent lunch.  On my last brunch at Bloem involved a lot of delicious cake although their sandwiches were absolutely fantastic.  There’s limited seating, so arrive early if you want a place.  Lunch can be busy on the weekends as it’s a popular high tea spot.

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Delicious vegetarian brunch at Palmette, one of the best brunch spots in the Hague, the Netherlands.  This cozy cafe near the Binnenhof has a great breakfast! #travel #netherlands #holland #denhaag

Palmette is pure Instagram gold for anyone looking for a fancy brunch in the Hague.  I went there for a fancy brunch and needless to say, you can expect to pay a fair price although I was really surprised by how flexible they were.  (They swapped out the yogurt for soy yogurt, which was very thoughtful.) 

If you’re with a group, the breakfast platter is a good deal if you’re really into brunch although reserve ahead as the cafe is fairly small and fills up for bunch.  The location is just across from the Binnenhof, making it a great location for meeting up with friends.

Anne and Max

Anne and Max is another major Dutch chain that I like to meet friends at.  The location near the Grote Kerk is my favorite as it’s generally quiet enough to have a conversation without too much noise and the view is particularly lovely.  The food is more skewed towards pastries, but it’s still a solid breakfast option in the Hague.


Nutella Pancakes at Ted's, a breakfast hotspot in the Hague, the Netherlands. This delicious brunch place is worth a try. #travel #brunch #holland #netherlands

Ted’s is a recent addition to the Hague.  This Dutch restaurant started elsewhere in the Netherlands, but I strongly recommend their delicious nutella pancakes, my favorite dish shown above.  My husband really loved their omelette.  The location along Frederikstraat is spacious and perfect for interior design lovers looking for a super instagrammable location. The food is worth the hype.  

Meneer Chocola

For everyone out in Scheveningen, I’m a big fan of the brunch at Meneer Chocola.  This Dutch cafe has a lovely location along Keizerstraat with tables to enjoy sitting out at on a nice day.   I am a huge fan of their coffee as well, so if you find yourself in Scheveningen looking for a nice brunch, stop off here.

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Will’s Pancakehouse

Poffertjes in the Hague.  Read about the best places to eat breakfast in the Hague, the Netherlands written by a resident. #travel #food #holland

Will’s Pancakehouse is my go-to spot for Dutch-style pancakes in the Hague. It’s cash only and typically Dutch, so arrive early if you intend to enjoy some pancakes or poffertjes on the weekend.  You’ll also find uitsmijter, a Dutch favorite made with a runny egg, toast, and cheese.  You’ll find a mix of sweet as well as savory pancakes here.  They’re hidden behind the Pathe on Spui.

Pim Coffee Sandwiches & Vintage

I really like PIM coffee, sandwiches, and vintage, especially on a lazy Sunday.  The atmosphere is really nice and my husband is a huge fan of their eggs.  The portions are generous and it is a great spot for families who love breakfast to come as they often have toys around the cafe for kids.  I strongly recommend saving a little room for their cake if you can! 

Any favorites of breakfast spots in the Hague? 

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Looking for the best food in the Hague? Your insider guide to the best breakfast and brunch spots in Den Haag, the Netherlands by a resident and brunch lover! #brunch #travel #netherlands #holland #hague