I’ve been in the Hague for almost a year now and I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the thriving craft beer scene in the Hague!  As a craft beer lovers, both of us have been very busy trying out all the various breweries around the Hague and we solemnly promise to try to keep this updated as new exciting breweries come to the Hague.  I include my favorite craft beer bars in the Hague as well as beer shops.

Best breweries in the Hague


Kompaan is the brewery to beat.  This experimental Dutch brewery is certainly one of my favorites.  You can easily find their beers at many craft beer bars in the Hague and although their classics are great, it’s always worth heading to the actual bar (mentioned below) to try their newest experimental brews. 

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This summer, they were serving up experimental sours on par with an American sour and I was seriously impressed.  Needless to say, I am always checking to see which beer is available when I’m out. If you don’t try any other beer from the Hague, try a beer from Kompaan.

Haagsche Broeder

The Haagsche Broeder is one of the harder Hague brews to find.  This brewery run by monks is a newer addition to the Hague, however their beers are sublime.  You can find them at a few bars as well as beer shops around the city, however I really enjoy picking it up at their monastery shop, which is only open in the afternoons on Fridays and Saturdays. (You can also buy organic soap and candies made by other orders.) I’ve tried most of their beers so far and I’ve been really impressed with them.

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Brouwerij Scheveningen 

Scheveningen beer, one of the best local breweries in the Hague at a festival in the iconic village of Scheveningen, the Netherlands. #travel #beer

Of course, Scheveningen brewery had to be included.  This brewery makes really solid Dutch craft beer that is fairly easy to find at the various shops although you’ll often find a booth with their beer at different festivals. Their Zuidwester is my favorite.     Their beers are more typical Dutch varieties, but they’re well done.

Brouwerij Kwartje


Brouwerij Kwartje is a new small brewery in the Hague.  I find their beers tasty although finding them can be a bit difficult.  (You can find them typically at De Paas.)  I’ve been impressed with their variations on typical beers, so look out for them.


Bottles of Eiber Beer, a microbrewery from the Hague.  This microbrewery produces great craft beer in the hague. #travel #beer

This beer inspired by the Hague (with its iconic stork) is an inspiration in terms of how breweries can lift up local businesses.  They often work in collaborations with small businesses around the Hague to produce unique flavors and beers, such as the Kombi, which is brewed with cucumbers.   It can be easily found at cafes around the Hague.

Best craft beer bars in the Hague

Note: I’ve grouped together beer bars that brew their own beer into this category as these beers can generally only be found at their namesake cafes. It’s not meant as a snub to their quality, but more indicative of that you generally cannot buy these bottles elsewhere in the Hague.

De Paas

The terrace of De Paas, one of the best craft beer bars in the Hague.  This beautiful bar has an amazing ambiance. #travel #beer

De Paas is one of my favorite beer bars in the Hague. This cozy historic building with a boat terrace is likely to impress any visitors as its bruin bar interior, lack of music, and cozy atmosphere is likely to make you want to stay for a long night catching up with friends.  Be warned that their menu is a giant boat, so I find that it can be very overwhelming to choose a beer although the friendly bartenders are always happy to give a recommendation based on your preferences.

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De Paas is quite unique in the regard that it sits on Bierkade.  Bierkade is where the cheap beer was produced in the Hague while the nearby Groenewegje was where the “top beer” would be produced.  Although De Paas does not produce any beer at this time, it certainly feels like you’ve stepped back in time once you enter the dark, candle lit bar.

As an interesting note, De Paas is part of the building where Dutch painter Jan van Goyen lived.   He was known for his landscapes.  Similarly,  Jan Steen, another famous Dutch painter, also lived in the same building for a time.

Interior of De Paas, one of the best beer bars in the Hague.  This historic brown bar is perfect for people looking for a gezellige cafe in The Hague. #travel #beer


As mentioned previously, Kompaan is one the best breweries in the Hague. It’s possible to visit their ultra modern bar where you can sample their newest creations.  It’s a bit out of the way in the Binckhorst, an area that was mostly factories, however the industrial feel of their warehouse bar suits Kompaan well.  (Their bar does not accept non-Dutch cards as a warning.) 

I recommend using a navigation device to get out here as it’s quite a bit outside of the city center and it’s well hidden enough that many of my friends who have lived in the Hague for years have no idea where it is.  There is a bus that passes pretty close to Kompaan as I don’t recommend biking home after sampling too many of their beers.


Rootz is one of the main craft beer hubs in the Hague with an outstanding collection of Dutch and Belgian beer.  They also produce their house beer for those looking to save a bit of money.  (I like their blonde.)  Their selection regularly changes, so be sure to check the board.  They often host at least four beer festivals per year in the Hague, so be sure to check their schedule for updates if you enjoy craft beer.   

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The exterior on Spui is absolutely stunning and the interior is cozy enough that we like to come here to relax after a long day.  It’s a great place for groups to meet as it’s fairly spacious inside.

The Fiddler

Glass of beer at Animal Army beer at the Fiddler in the Hague.  The Fiddler is the largest bar in the Hague. #travel #beer #craftbeer

The Fiddler brews their own beer (Animal Army).  This large British pub (the largest bar in the Hague!) is a hub for expats from all countries and it’s a great affordable craft beer pick for anyone looking for a solid beer.  It’s a great place for meet-ups as well as large scale events.  We were here for King’s Day and it was a great place to get away from the crowds…

They have a large collection of beers available, mostly from the UK, although their own house-brewed beer is what I usually order here.  My husband loves the red ale although I prefer the pale ale myself.  On a nice day, you can sit outside with a stunning view of the Grote Kerk.

De Mol

De Mol is a classic brown bar in the city center.  If you’re looking for more classic brown bar experience, their selection is good for local beers.  You can purchase a bottle of the Haagsche Broeder beer here although you need to purchase the whole bottle if you want it..

Gastropub & Brouwerij Van Kinsbergen


Gastropub Van Kinsbergen just opened in the Hague. They brew their own beer in a cheerful environment with delicious tapas for those looking for a nicer place to get together in the cool Zeeheldenkwartier.   Their beer selection as well as menu is more British, but unlike many places in the Hague that have craft beer, they serve a full dinner if you prefer to enjoy your beer with a proper meal (or some snacks that aren’t peanuts).

Brouwcafé De Hofnar

This cozy cafe out in Scheveningen is perfect for beach goers or those taking a little day trip to explore the Scheveningen village looking for a special experience as well as a nice meal at a gastropub.   Make a reservation if you intend to come here around dinner as it can get busy.

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De Prael

Although De Prael is a brewery, they predominantly make beer in Amsterdam and I think of them more of an Amsterdam brewery rather than a Hague brewery. However, they have recently started making beer at their bar in the Hague.  It’s a bit outside of the city center, but if you’re looking for a relaxing place to unwind with a beer, it might be worth the cycle.

Murphy’s Law

Murphy’s Law is an Irish bar in the city center with a great selection of craft beers from all over the world as well as their own brews.   They often host jazz music as well as Irish music nights for those looking for a little extra ambience with their drinks  

Anna’s Bar

Drink at Anna's Bar within Mingle Mush in the Hague.  This cozy craft beer bar in Den Haag is perfect for groups. #travel #beer #denhaag

Anna’s Bar is where I often come with friends for a relaxing night out.  It’s within the Mingle Mush food hall just outside of Den Haag Centraal.  This cozy bar has lots of seats and a decent selection.  (You can only pay with cards.) 

Especially among my friends who aren’t beer drinkers, meeting at Anna’s Bar is a great compromise as you can order your beer from the bar prior to bringing your drink back to a table to sit enjoying with friends (who might prefer a G&T).  

Gekke Giet

This divey bar/hostel is a favorite of my friends looking for a rowdy night out.  They have a good selection although the atmosphere may not be for everyone. 

Café De La Gare

This hidden gem of a cafe stocks a good selection of local beer and it’s just a lovely place to unwind after work.  Finding it is a bit tricky as it’s hidden behind a main street, but unlike many other craft beer bars in the Hague, Cafe De La Gare is a subtle place with minimal music and a historic interior.  I like to bring friends here for a long night where we sit talking all night until the bar closes down… 

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Brody’s is one of my favorite places for a nicer night out.  This American beer bar stocks an incredible selection of American craft beers and the staff is so knowledgeable.  (On a recent visit, one of the bartender even memorized all of our names, our previous selections, and tailored his recommendations based on what we picked before.) 

If you’re unable to choose, I recommend trying out their beer flight, which is a great way to sample multiple beers in one go.  It’s the kind of cozy place to spend the night catching up with old friends–or sit making new ones inside.  Their bar snacks are delicious in case you get hungry…

Best beer shops in the Hague

Free Beer Co.

Unfortunately, the beer isn’t free here. I proudly have a growler from the Free Beer Co.  This new beer shop in the store requires a growler that is 1 liter or 2 liters as a buy in.  After this, you can purchase any of their craft beers on tap (the tap changes weekly).  Considering the quality of the beers on tap, it’s a steal.

The great part about this is that there’s no waste or recycling beyond bringing your previous growler back to be cleaned–and filled.  I’ve been really impressed with the selection and I can’t wait to see their newest craft beer on tap this week!


Dorst is my favorite bottle shop in the Hague.  This craft beer shop in the Hague has a homey feeling with friendly staff who really know their stuff.  They stock many local beers (including beers from the Haagsche Broeders) as well as exciting new imports from abroad.  

Did I forget your favorite brewery or craft beer bar in the Hague?

I intend to keep this post updated as we discover more great bars, breweries, and shops in the Hague…. Let me know in the comments!

Looking for the best craft beer in the Hague, the Netherlands? Look no further than this insider's guide to the craft beer scene in Den Haag with the best craft beer bars in the Hague. #travel #beer #craftbeer #zuidholland #denhaag #netherlands