I used to think of myself as a big city girl, but after moving to the Netherlands, I fell in love with the smaller quieter cities in the Netherlands.  One of my favorite cities in the Netherlands, which is an easy day trip from Amsterdam, is Delft.   I’ve been living in the Hague for some months now and I routinely visit Delft each month.

Delft has one of the most prestigious universities in the Netherlands, so despite the history, Delft feels like a young town if you know where you’re looking. This itinerary for Delft is a mix of historic sights and new modern shops/restaurants, so you get to experience both sides of this beautiful city.  Keep reading for things to do in Delft in a compact one day itinerary for Delft.

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If you’re visiting Delft for a day trip, I recommend starting off early (let’s be reasonable and start around 9:30am). I have a full day in Delft planned for you all although I’d recommend spending a night in Delft if you can as hotels in Delft are more affordable than Amsterdam and you’ll love the cafes here.

There’s plenty to do in Delft and this Delft itinerary is a start.  This itinerary focuses on locally owned businesses and cafes as that’s my jam and if you’re going to visit a place, I firmly believe in giving back to the local economy.   There’s a map with this Delft itinerary at the bottom!

Start off at Delft Centraal.

You can easily get from Amsterdam to Delft by train.  It takes forty-five minutes on a direct train (often with a destination going somewhere else).  The train from Amsterdam to Delft costs 26 euros (ish) as of 2018.  (The fare may increase.)

From the Hague to Delft, you can take the Tram 1 (€ 3,50 each way with buying a ticket on the tram as of 2018), which takes about 25 minutes.  You can save time by taking the NS train from Den Haag HS or Den Haag Centraal to Delft.  The train ride costs 5 euros round-trip (2018 prices) and takes only ten minutes.

It only takes fifteen minutes to get from Rotterdam to Delft as well!

Photo of Oude Delft canal in Delft. This beautiful canal is a must-see in Delft. Follow this free Delft one day itinerary for the best things to do in Delft. #Netherlands #Delft #Travel

Explore along Oude Delft canal

Photo of Oude Delft canal in Delft. This beautiful canal is a must-see in Delft. Follow this free Delft one day itinerary for the best things to do in Delft. #Netherlands #Delft #Travel

From there, enter the old city.  People fall in love with Delft for the canals. Do you blame them? Although many people go crazy over theStads-Koffyhuis for Dutch breakfast with a coffee, I recommend walking just a little down the canal to get a pastry (or a coffee) at Galerie ‘Uit De Kunst’. This hybrid cafe/art gallery has a unique flair and delicious pastries with an unforgettable view.

Coffee at Uit De Kunst, one of the best cafes in Delft with a beautiful view of Old Church in Delft. If you’re looking for where to eat in Delft, stop in here for the apple pie! #Delft

Thrift store lovers will want to browse the thrift store across the way.  You might find a steal or a good tip about the stock market from the friendly owner who is really into the stock market.

Optional: Oude Kerk (The Old Church in Delft)

Note: If you’re only interested in the best view of Delft and not the church, skip the Old Church and skip ahead in the Delft itinerary.  You’ll save a couple euros this way and if you’re coming in time for the flea market, you’ll have more time to explore.
From there, be sure to visit the leaning Oude Kerk (sometimes called Scheve Jan (“Skewed John”)) and to buy the combination ticket for both churches in Delft that gets you into the Old and the New Church.  If you’re a student, be sure to show your ID to save money. Save this for later, so don’t lose it.  In case you’re wondering about the origin of the name Delft, ‘delf’ is an old canal.

Photo of the (Oude Kerk) Old Church in Delft, a must-see in Delft. Trying to figure out what to do in Delft? Don’t miss this beautiful church. Follow this free Delft itinerary to cover the major attractions in #Delft! #Travel #Netherlands

 Photo of the (Oude Kerk) Old Church in Delft, a must-see in Delft. Follow this perfect one day Delft itinerary for the best things to do in Delft and the best places to eat in Delft. #Delft #Travel #Netherlands

Explore the historic city center of Delft

The old church was built along an older canal, however when the tower was erected, a canal was in the way.  So, the architects filled in the canal to make room for the church tower. Unfortunately, canals aren’t the best foundations for large stone towers…so the tower leans about two meters.

Why you need to visit one of the last Delft Blue Factories in Delft to see Delftware handmade in front of you for FREE

The church building as it stands today is said to date back to the 1200s-1300s and it’s considered to be the oldest building in Delft.  Enjoy the beautiful organ, the stained glass windows, as well as the massive bell.  Here, you can see the grave of Vermeer.  The church is a must-see if you’re into gothic cathedrals.

One of the things that I LOVE about Delft is how compact it is.  You can walk across the historic city center of Delft in 25 minutes flat, so city wandering is a must although you’ll end up going a lot slower than you realize you’re walking as you’ll be just enjoying the atmosphere.

Once you leave the Old Church, be sure to pass by Stadsbakkerij de Diamanten Ring, the oldest bakery in Delft with a gorgeous interior,  Before you spoil your appetite, keep in mind that lunch will be huge and delicious, so maybe save that bread/pastry for the way home.

Photo of canal in Delft. See the cutest canals in Delft with this FREE self-guided walking tour of Delft with a perfect one day itinerary for Delft! #Delft #Travel

Voldersgracht canal in Delft. Don’t miss the epic antiques market in Delft, one of the best things to do in Delft. Check out this one day guide to Delft for more ideas and insider tips for visiting #Delft! #Travel #Netherlands

As you turn the corner, note De Winkel, an eccentric local shop specializing in random toys, stationary, and sewing supplies.  Perfect for a unique gift.  Take in the scenery along the canal and turn towards Voldergracht, one of the prettiest canals in Delft.  (For some reason, I always read Voldemort whenever I see the sign…) I absolutely love the backs of the Delft shops with tower of the New Church rising behind them.

 Photo of beautiful street in Delft. Follow this Delft itinerary for the perfect one day trip to Delft with insider tips on where to eat in Delft and what to do in Delft.

Personally, I have chosen to skip the Vermeer Centrum Delft as they don’t have any originals from Vermeer, but if you’re interested in learning more about Vermeer’s paintings as well as his life (in the city that inspired him), it might be interesting to you.  ​

Have lunch in Delft

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Take it all in—and stop off at Kek.  Kek is one of those restaurants in Delft that everyone loves.  It’s instagrammable, vegan-friendly, healthy, and delicious.  I’m low-key obsessed with their Salted Caramel Latte with real caramel pieces.  I’ve had a lot of different sandwiches/desserts  and the portions are always huge.

Be warned that it’s quite popular on the weekends (especially for lunch), so it’s best to walk by to put your name on the list if there’s a line.

Otherwise, there’s plenty of other good places to eat in Delft, including the ‘t Postkantoor with more traditional Dutch food (tostis, uitsmijters, pancakes, sandwiches).

Explore Markt

 Photo of City Hall in Delft. If you’re visiting Delft, the city hall in Delft is a must-see in Delft and definitely be sure to put this beautiful rijksmoment on your list of things to see in Delft! If you follow this self-guided walking tour in Delft, you’ll cover the city!

After a feast, I recommend taking a walk to enjoy the beautiful city center to enjoy the surroundings and burn off that lunch.  (Don’t worry, you’re going to be climbing 350+ stairs!)  As soon as you follow the alleyways, you’ll end up in the middle of Markt, the epicenter of Delft.

On one side, you have the Delft city hall, a stunning building, and the other side, the New Church.  There’s tons of Delftware shops in the square and expect this part of Delft to be crowded in April/summer.

If you’re into old things, you will definitely want to peek into Drogisterij Salamander to see a functional vintage pharmacy.

Photo of delftware in Delft. When visiting Delft, be sure to stop off at the delftware stores in Grote Markt. Follow this FREE walking tour of Delft to get more insider tips on what to do in Delft and where to eat in Delft! #Delft

Don’t expect a steal, however you still might end up with some beautiful souvenirs from the Netherlands.  (Just pack it very carefully!)   If you’re visiting Delft on a Thursday OR a Saturday from April to October, be sure to visit the antiques flea market along Hippolytusbuurt and Voldersgracht.  The Saturday flea market in Delft is slightly larger than on Thursday, but you might want to look here prior to checking in the Delft shops. 

Visit Nieuwe Kerk (New Church) in Delft

(Nieuwe kerk) New Church in Delft, one of the best things to do in Delft. Read about what to do in Delft and follow the perfect one day itinerary for Delft with a free self-guided walking tour! #Travel #Delft #Netherlands

The New Church, included in your combination ticket, is the reason that many people flock to Delft and it’s definitely one of the best things to do in Delft.  The infamous William of Orange lived in Delft until his murder.  At this point he was buried at the New Church, which is now the resting place for members of the Dutch royal family. More generally, people visit the New Church in Delft for the incredible view over the city.

View from the top of the New Church in Delft, one of the best things to do in Delft. Find out the best things to do in the perfect self-guided walking tour of Delft.

The tower is 85 meters high with a narrow, winding staircase up the tower.  Once you’re horribly out of breath, you’ll reach the top for stunning views of the city as well as the nearby cities (if you’re lucky).  There are 376 steps each way, so climbing the New Church in Delft is definitely a work out and not for those with bad knees. Be sure to keep your ticket as you need to scan it to get out of the door.   

Optional: Take a detour to one of the last remaining Delft factories in Delft

The Delftse Pauw is one of the last remaining Delft Blauw factories where Delftware is produced entirely in Delft.  It’s free to visit although it’s best to rent a bike or take the 1 tram.  Click for my guide to visiting this free Delft factory.

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Explore the Beestenmarkt

From here, head towards the Beestenmarkt.  This area was first used as a monastery, but with the rise of Protestantism, the monks chose to close the monastery.  Starting in the late 1500s, this area in Delft was used as an animal market up until 1972.  With more centralized markets and the city becoming more urbanized, the market ceased to exist although there’s a cow statue to mark the historical use of the square.  It’s a bit hard to imagine now, however it was revamped in the 1990s into a pleasant square with restaurants and shops. The Beestenmarkt is especially charming at night and you’ll find numerous bars here.

Bij Marlies, a Dutch fashion store in Delft, one of the best shops in Delft for local Dutch clothing designers.

​On the square, I recommend Bij Marlies for Dutch fashion and lifestyle goods.  It’s just kind of a joy to browse and I am still stoked about the 70 euro skirt that I bought for 5 euros on clearance.  ​

Local Dinner in Delft

Photo of meal at Hummus. This Algerian-inspired restaurant is where to eat in Delft for delicious and affordable food!

Right off the Beestenmarkt, you’ll turn onto another canal and you’ll see one of my favorite places to eat in Delft, another vegan-friendly place, called Hummus.  This Algerian-street food inspired restaurant has really delicious vegetarian food, a good craft beer selection, and massive portions.  Don’t get over ambitious with ordering as you will not finish your food. It’s also incredibly reasonable for a meal out with a large platter enough for one very hungry person that costs under ten euros.

It’s not strictly vegan and for all of you worrying that vegan food isn’t going to be exciting/tasty, I write this as a meat-eater: My dinner at Hummus was one of my most memorable meals in the Netherlands. I’m very fond of Sabich after my time in Israel and they nailed it 100%.

If you’re looking for some other places to eat in Delft, you can head back towards the Beestenmarkt or Markt where you’ll have a ton of great food options to choose from, ranging from Dutch to Eritrean.  In the opposite direction, you can visit The Living for a vegetarian/vegan-friendly buffet.

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Loco Lama, a Dutch design store in Delft. A great place to go shopping in Delft.

If you don’t arrive too late, you’ll be able to explore Loco Lama, a Dutch design store with a lot of really cool and fascinating decorations. I had a blast looking at all the decorations although my favorite by far was the raven chandelier that I want for my house. 

Night in Delft: Have a tea OR Beer in Delft!

Whether you’re solo or traveling together with a significant other, I just love walking around the historic part of Delft at night.  Regardless, end your night with a fresh mint tea or a beer.  A fresh mint tea is not what you think it is although I guarantee that it’s minty and non-alcoholic.

Beer at the oldest bar in Delft, De Klomp. Read about where to have a beer in Delft and the best things to do in Delft! #Travel #Beer #Delft #Netherlands

End your evening with a pint of beer at the oldest beer cafe in the Delft (supposedly).  De Klomp dates back to 1651 while the building itself is older than the cafe.  The atmosphere instead of the cafe is very Dutch and classic although they have a modern and good beer selection from local Dutch breweries.

Game lovers will love the selection of games sitting in the first room although be warned that most are in Dutch.  Even if you’re not a beer drinker, you can get a fresh mint tea to enjoy the historical atmosphere.  I personally prefer the second room with the hanging Delft plates.  It’s close to the train station.

I’m also partial to locus publicus​, which has an extensive local beer selection, and is located in the Brabantse Turfmarkt.

Not included on this itinerary

I didn’t include the Royal Delft Factory (and the tour of the Royal Delft Factory) as it’s a bit outside of the city (about one mile) and you can see A LOT of delftware without going to the factory at the various delft stores around Delft as well as the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.

It is cool to see the delftware being painted and to learn about the history, but I ended up cutting it to give you a better glimpse into the less touristy side of Delft that most tourists don’t see while showing you more of the city.  I recently visited a free Delftware factory on the city limits where Delftware is still handmade.  Click to read about visiting this Delftware factory.

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Where to stay in Delft

This is a lot to pack in a day, however some people are all about a fast pace. Personally, I think the joy of Delft is enjoying the canals at the pace of the water, which is why I recommend staying at least one night in Delft.  There’s nothing like enjoying Markt without the crowds in the morning!
If you’re considering staying in Delft overnight, consider staying at Hotel de Emauspoort. This unique hotel in the Netherlands has two gypsy caravans and twenty four rooms, including one Vermeer-inspired room.  There’s also many bed and breakfasts in Delft as well as entire historical apartments.  For those on a lower budget, Delft has a hostel.

Have you been to Delft?

Looking for more inspiration for the Netherlands?   I live here, so browse my site for insider tips for Amsterdam (my home for 2+ years), other beautiful cities in the Netherlands that you won’t want to miss, and Dutch alcohols that you’ll want to try, and my guide to what to do in the Hague.

Planning to visit Delft? Plan your perfect day in Delft with a self-guided walking tour of Delft with insider tips on things to do in Delft. #Travel #Netherlands #Delft

 Planning a day trip from Amsterdam? Your guide for a perfect day in Delft with insider tips on things to do in Delft and where to eat in Delft! #travel #Netherlands #Delft