If you’re looking for the best souvenirs to buy in the Netherlands, we got you covered. Jacob and I have lived in the Netherlands for several years now and we’ve sent a lot of gifts from the Netherlands to family members!  We include lots of tips for buying great gift ideas as well as souvenirs from the Netherlands for yourself!

​These are Dutch gifts that Jacob and I have actually sent our families with tips for finding these gifts in the Netherlands without having them shipped within the US. (Enjoy your cold and rainy holiday in Amsterdam. ? )  Many of these things are a lot cheaper to buy in the Netherlands although it’s of course possible to buy them online after the fact.

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Clogs from Zaanse Schans

Bride’s Clogs by erikogan, on Flickr

Bride’s Clogs” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by erikogan  

These clogs (klompen in Dutch) from the Zaanse Schans (windmills that you can visit on a day trip from Amsterdam) are a bit pricey, however they’re hand-made in the workshop at Zaanse Schans.  The cool part is that you can enjoy the windmills as well as watch clogs get made.

My husband gifted his parents a little pair of clogs that were unadorned that are known as wedding clogs.  They’re made of unpainted wood, fit for the size of a child’s foot, and adorable.   These gift cogs are also affordable (under 100 euros) if you’re looking for a special handcrafted gift from the Netherlands or a subtle way to announce that you may have eloped in the Netherlands.

Either way, clogs are a super beautiful and adorable gift to buy from the Netherlands.  Of course, you can get the cheap touristy ones, but there is something special about hand-made souvenirs.   

If you’re looking for clogs for yourself, head to a Dutch hardware store where you’re likely to find real clogs for any foot size for about 20 euros.  

Tulips from the Netherlands

Beautiful tulips in the Netherlands.  Tulips are some of the best Dutch souvenirs that you can buy!

You can ask my mother how much she loves her tulips from the Netherlands. If you’re considering buying Dutch tulips, check that your tulips are allowed into your country of origin at the shop.  It’s also possible to buy tulip bulbs at Schiphol Airport if you forget!

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Americans: Many of the rare tulips are not allowed to be brought home to the United States without a special permit, so ask the vendors at the Bloemenmarkt which tulips can be brought back to the US legally.

Be sure to instruct your giftee that your Dutch tulips need to be planted about 2 months before a hard frost and once the soil is below 60 F.  Check specific instructions for where you’re located as different climates require different temperatures for planting.

The tulip bulbs are best planted as close to the ideal period as possible and it’s easy to buy tulip bulbs on Amazon although they’re likely more expensive than buying them at the flower market.  Click for tips on visiting the tulips in the Netherlands!

Dutch alcohol

Bottle of a Dutch liquor

Well, Dutch alcohol is a great souvenir.  There’s so many tasty Dutch liquors, so consider bringing some of your favorites back with you.  I strongly recommend putting your alcohol into your laundry bag to ensure that it’s packed tightly with little movement, however this is still not a guarantee that your bottle will survive the trip.

If you’re into bringing new alcohol types home as a souvenir, consider buying a bottle protector to ensure that the bottle doesn’t open up in your suitcase. As someone who’s transported eight wine bottles back from Italy and Hungary, I swear by the laundry bag method, but buying packing materials for your alcohol bottles is a safer bet if you’re concerned about a bottle breaking open in your suitcase.

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Dutch Cheese

Traditional Dutch cheese market in Alkmaar, the Netherlands by vli1986/bigstockphoto

This is such a cheesy suggestion, but buying Dutch cheese as a gift is a great souvenir from the Netherlands.  If your cheese is vacuum sealed, it means that your cheese can last a few weeks without refrigeration.  A wax ball works too!

​Which Dutch cheese to buy as a gift or a souvenir? That is a very tough decision.  Although Gouda cheese is the most famous, Edam cheese is a classic although my personal favorite is the affordable young Boerenkaas.  If you can find a good cheese shop, they will be happy to help you preserve your cheese for a later date by sealing it. If you’re in Amsterdam, I recommend Kaasland.

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Books about Amsterdam

I’m a literature geek and my favorite souvenir from anywhere is a good book about the destination.  I consider buying a good book about the history or inspired by a city to be one of my favorite souvenirs.  

This is why I strongly encourage you to consider buying a book about Amsterdam as a souvenir from Amsterdam.   The American Book Center is a great place to browse for gifts in Amsterdam and souvenirs from the Netherlands.

Some of my favorite books about the Netherlands:

  • Tulipmania. A nonfiction book about tulips.
  • The Dinner. A fictional book that you love it or hate it.
  • The Coffee Trader. A fun fiction book about the Golden Age.
  • The Hiding Place . The courageous story of a Dutch family who hid Jews during World War II. If you enjoyed reading the diary of Anne Frank, this one will be interesting to read.
  • Amsterdam Pub Cats. A book of cats that live in various pubs around Amsterdam

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Beautiful Dutch postcards from the Netherlands showcasing famous Dutch symbols.  Postcards are a great souvenir from the Netherlands!

A postcard is a great souvenir from the Netherlands.  These adorable Dutch postcards with Dutch symbols can be purchased ahead of your trip and sent out while you’re in the Netherlands.  They were designed, drawn, and printed in Haarlem, the Netherlands.  In order to buy a stamp, head to a Primera or another location that sells PostNL (the Dutch post) products (including stamps) to purchase international stamps.

Delft Pottery

Photo of delftware in Delft. When visiting Delft, be sure to stop off at the delftware stores in Grote Markt. Follow this FREE walking tour of Delft to get more insider tips on what to do in Delft and where to eat in Delft! #Delft

A lot of people, myself included, are obsessed with Delft pottery.  Delft pottery makes a fantastic gift from the Netherlands, however it’s fragile.  When looking for Dutch gifts for my in-laws, we agonized over whether we’d manage to ship our Delft pottery from the Netherlands without it arriving in pieces.  In the end, we decided to buy Delft Pottery already in the United States from experienced professionals and my mother in law loved her Christmas gift that arrived from Michigan.

One perfect day in Dordrecht, the Venice of Holland

I’ve heard of a lot of people bringing back pottery from the Netherlands as a gift, however my own experiences with the the Dutch mail have not been overwhelming positive.  

Ensure that your pottery is carefully wrapped prior to bringing it home in your suitcase to ensure that it comes home in one piece—or simply, buy it at home online.  I include some tips for buying authentic Delftware in Delft here.

Dutch Food & Dutch Candy

CANDY. I have a massive sweet tooth and well, I absolutely love Dutch candy. For those who also love candy, it’s the perfect gift. If you’re looking for some delicious candy, consider bringing home a couple large bars of Tony’s Chocolonely, one of my favorite Dutch chocolates. (Definitely pick up the Caramel Sea Salt flavor, which I’m addicted to.) Similarly, consider buying a couple bags of drop (Dutch licorice), and salmiak lollie if you’re looking for something funky to surprise family/friends. I consider receiving Dutch chocolate one of my favorite gifts from the Netherlands to date. ​

There’s so many other Dutch foods that are delicious and perfect for souvenirs.If it’s the holiday season, consider purchasing a box of oliebollen mix for someone who’s creative with cooking. Oliebollen are a fried Dutch treat typically eaten around New Year’s Eve, however you can easily find boxes to help you make them at home at the supermarket around December.

Similarly, pepernoten is a speciality that you’ll find all around the Netherlands shortly before Sinterklaas arrives in the Netherlands (early December). No matter how to feel about Zwarte Piet, pepernoten are delicious to eat. They’re cinnamon-y although some varieties are even coated in chocolate. I prefer the basic type from HEMA although you can get any variety of pepernoten as a souvenir from the Netherlands.

For those with a sweet tooth…. Before you leave, go to your nearest Albert Heijn to pick up a box of hagelslag (adult chocolate sprinkles perfect for adulting) or a can of stroopwafels (they easily get crushed). The caramel stroopwafels are absolutely delicious although be sure not to get them in a bag as they’ll be in pieces (I learned this the hard way). The Albert Heijn in the airport sells these in a cute can although you can also buy them online.

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Dutch jigsaw puzzles

This is a bit of a strange souvenir from the Netherlands, but artist Jan van Haasteren is famous for his Where’s Waldo-like puzzles. We got one of these puzzles for my father-in-law, a puzzle aficionado, who found it delightful. Similar to Where’s Waldo, there’s a familiar cast of characters to look for in every puzzle and they’re pretty hilarious.

You can find these puzzles at most game stores in the Netherlands as well as on Amazon if you’re considering buying one of these Dutch puzzles as a gift from the Netherlands (but want to check first what you find while traveling!)

Dutch art inspired gifts

For my art lovers, there’s so many lovely Dutch souvenirs that you can pick up at the Rijksmuseum, Mauritshuis, or the Van Gogh museum. However, you’ll save a lot if you buy them online. I ended up buying my mom a beautiful Van Gogh-inspired eyeglass case as a gift.  It reminds her of me whenever she puts her eyeglasses away.

Similarly, I also bought her a luggage tag with Girl With the Pearl Earring on it to help her identify her luggage easily at the airport.  There’s numerous possibilities for souvenirs from the Netherlands although I particularly love the Van Gogh inspired umbrella, which is incredibly useful.

A Dutch bike and/or bike related accessories

Everyone knows the Dutch love bikes, however bike lovers might want to consider buying a cycling related souvenir from Amsterdam.  Dutch bikes are very well made (I recommend Batavia or Pashley as a brand), however the locks are even better than what you’ll find at home due to the many bike thieves.

If you’re looking for a solid lock, I recommend buying a bike lock from a brand called VIRO.  It’s an Italian brand that makes a fantastic bike lock that stands up well to the bike thieves. Expect to pay at least 40 euros for your lock at a bike shop, but the security difference compared to a U-lock is immense.   (Most bike shops will be able to help you ship your bike home if you purchase one.)

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Surprise yourself at the flea market (IJhallen in Amsterdam)

There’s nothing like buying a unique souvenir that nobody else has.  If you’re a vintage lover, I recommend shopping the flea markets in the Netherlands for something unique.  We have seen some pretty weird stuff at Amsterdam’s main flea market (IJhallen) although a stuffed grouse was the weirdest thing I’ve seen in awhile.

If you miss the IJhallen monthly flea market, check out De Bazaar, a weekly flea market that is about 40 minutes from Amsterdam by train.

A magnet

I’m a huge magnet collector myself and I always collect magnets from different countries.  I personally prefer one that shows off the uniquely Dutch countryside with a windmill!

Have you been to the Netherlands? What souvenir from the Netherlands was your favorite?