I’ve been putting off this guide to secret Amsterdam for a while as living in Amsterdam has made me worry about sharing my secret places in Amsterdam where I go to avoid the tourists.  However, it’s not nice not to share.

In this guide to Amsterdam off the beaten path, you’ll be visiting some Amsterdam secret spots as well as some really non-touristy things to do in Amsterdam.  Keep reading for information on the interesting things to do in Amsterdam that you won’t read elsewhere as well as a map. 

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Living in Amsterdam means that the tourists take over a lot of places, so it’s important to have places that feel like homey and quiet.  Some of these spots are barely hidden secrets requiring just knowing where to go while others are truly hidden.

If you’re reading this because you’re interested in discovering some secret places to visit in Amsterdam and you’re a tourist, please be considerate. I used to live in a beautiful canal house with a private garden and there’s absolutely nothing worse than drunk tourists ruining a quiet relaxing night in after sneaking into the garden and shouting/blasting music.

So, when you pass by someone, say “Goedemiddag” if it’s afternoon or “Goedemorgen” if it’s morning. Just think and please don’t ruin these secret places for me/others.   I believe in sustainable tourism, which means that we’re conscious of our actions and its impact on the community that lives at the place that we’re visiting.

I’ve grouped the secret places by the part of Amsterdam with some being more further out than others.  Some require a half-day trip while others might be right down the road from your hotel in Centre. Visiting some of these secret spots in Amsterdam may be harder as hours are not reliable.

Secret places in Amsterdam Centrum

In ‘t Aepjen

Photo of In 'T Aepjen, one of the off the beaten path Amsterdam bars that you won't want to miss. Read more about Amsterdam secret places written by a resident! #travel #Amsterdam #Netherlands #Europe #Dutch

This hidden bar in the middle of the Red Light District has a long and colorful history yet it’s right on the main street.  Despite this, most tourists walk by it, which is their loss.

In ‘t Aepjen is a saying in Dutch that indicates that you spent the night sleeping rough. Where does it come from? This bar.  Back in the time of the Dutch East India Company, sailors would return from their voyages from abroad with exotic monkeys and money.

After drinking away their money at this bar (and many others), they would trade their monkeys for booze.  So this bar, In ‘t Aepjen, accepted the payment although it often meant that the sailors had no more money for somewhere to sleep.

They ended up having hundreds of monkeys roaming the bar and drunk sailors too broke to afford accommodations would sleep with the monkeys.  (How crazy is that?!)

The owner eventually had a flea issue and ended up creating what is now the Amsterdam Zoo in order to have a place to put all these monkeys.  The bar itself is so cozy and quiet.

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It’s perfect for learning about jenever and enjoying the historical atmosphere.   Don’t come here if you want to have a crazy night or be loud.  It’s mostly Dutch couples on dates sipping on a beer and it’s amazingly quiet.   ​(For more secret bars in Amsterdam, you can read my beer guide to Amsterdam.) 

De Poezenboot

Photo of De Poezenboot, a cat shelter on a boat. One of the best secret Amsterdam places to visit if you're looking for interesting things to do in Amsterdam! #travel #cats #Europe #Amsterdam #Netherlands

Close to Centraal Station, you’ll find the world’s only floating cat boat shelter.  It was established in the ’60s for cat lovers and it’s actually free to visit (although donations are encouraged).  Just check the hours carefully as they’re mostly open in the afternoons. There’s nothing like playing with cats to make your day. Click for a complete guide to cat-related places in Amsterdam!

Wynand Fockink Proeflokaal

This local jenever distillery was established in 1679 and it’s one of the best places to discover jenever and Dutch liqueurs. The interior dates back to this time and it’s just really a gem as most tourists don’t know what a proeflokaal is.  Big groups are banned and you can buy a bottle of one of your favorites to bring home as well.

Read more about Dutch liquors that you’ll want to try while in Amsterdam.

Ons’ Lieve Heer op Solder (Our Sweet Lord in the Attic)

Photo of Our Lady in the Attic museum in Amsterdam, one of the best off the beaten path places in Amsterdam to visit. This secret church is one of the best hidden secrets of Amsterdam! #travel #Amsterdam #Netherlands

I absolutely LOVE this off the beaten path museum in Amsterdam and I drag everyone I know to it.  Why? There’s a secret church in the attic!? You can’t even tell from the street.

I consider Our Sweet Lord in the Attic to be one of the most interesting places in Amsterdam as the museum is actually composed of three canal-houses that were connected (in secret) by a Catholic businessmen at a time when Catholics were not allowed to practice publicly.

Beyond the two story church, the furniture and decorations are in the same style as the Golden Age, so you get the benefit of learning about architecture, history, AND religion.  It’s never really crowded here, so I recommend using your iAmsterdam card to visit this gem of a museum.

Museum van Loon

Photo of beautiful cat in Museum van Loon, one of Amsterdam's secret places to visit. Don't miss the secret garden behind the canal house. Want to get off the beaten path in Amsterdam? Read tips for secret spots in Amsterdam! #Amsterdam

This museum in Amsterdam center has a beautiful interior and one of my favorite “secret gardens” in Amsterdam. It’s technically open to any visitor, but you’ll never know when you’ll spot the giant fluffy cat that roams the grounds.   The first time that I discovered the garden and the cat, I felt like I had learned a secret! (You can use your iAmsterdam card here too!)


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This is kind of Amsterdam “secrets” 101, but in case you haven’t heard of the Begijnhof, it’s a hofje in the city center.   However, this hofje is fairly well known although compared to the area around it, it’s quiet.   ​It was a group of houses where women who were religious and vowed chastity lived out their lives, similar to nuns, however they were able to marry. It even had a secret Catholic church (during the period when they were banned).  You’ll need to find the door by the American Book Center.

Van Stapele

Photo of cookies at a bakery in Amsterdam. Don't miss this off the beaten path gem in Amsterdam!

Another half-secret, but bear with me, locals and tourists alike flock to this local Amsterdam bakery that ONLY makes chocolate cookies to order.  Every cookie will be warm from the oven and when you take a bite, it melts in your mouth.

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Click for more tips on where to eat in Amsterdam only at local restaurants.


Photo of Kattenkabinet museum in Amsterdam, one weird thing to do in Amsterdam. This quirky museum in Amsterdam is entirely cat themed. Read about more secrets of Amsterdam here! #Amsterdam #travel #Netherlands

Have I outed myself as a crazy cat lady yet?  I have no shame in recommending this off the beaten path museum in Amsterdam for cat lovers looking for some weirder things to do in Amsterdam.  The Kattenkabinet is a canal house that is filled with cat art AND cats. It’s basically paradise for me.  (More cat-related places in Amsterdam here.)  The museum isn’t huge, but a nice way to spend an hour and to get some pets in.

Theatre Tuschinski

Do you go to the movies on vacation? It doesn’t matter because you’ll want to go to the movies JUST to see the gorgeous interior of this Amsterdam movie theatre The interior dates back to 1921 and it cost 4 MILLION guilders to build.

It’s just an art-deco masterpiece.  For the record, English movies are shown in the Netherlands without dubbing if it’s a non-children’s movie.  I so recommend the Grote Zaal (the largest theatre), which is extra beautiful.


This is a pretty random factoid, but the building was the headquarters for the Dutch India Company for many years.  It’s actually where the Dutch decided that they’d conquer New York City (my hometown).  The interior is modern, but tasteful and the wine selection is great.  Nothing like history and a good glass of wine to go along with it. 😉

Kinderboerderij ‘De Dierencapel’

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The Dutch are really into having green zones within a city and having a place for children, so a lot of Dutch cities have these children’s farms in the middle of the city.

If you’re looking to say hi to some adorable bunnies and sheep, I definitely would add this non-touristy activity in Amsterdam to your bucket list.  It’s free to enter besides a donation (it’s run by volunteers).

I love this one as it’s on the canals AND the area around it is absolutely beautiful with no tourists (besides a few who get lost).  [See below for more information]

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Prinseneiland & Realeneiland

Photo of Prinseneiland neighborhood in Amsterdam. This neighborhood is one of best secret places to visit in Amsterdam with lots of secret spots to explore and history. Read more about secret Amsterdam here! #travel #Amsterdam #Netherlands

Despite being part of Centrum, Prinseneiland and Realeneiland are some of the least visited parts of Amsterdam, mostly due to the big ugly tunnel that you need to pass through to get to the pretty parts.  (It terrifies my friends too.)  These artificial islands known for shipbuilding historically got turned into an artist neighborhood in the ’60s.  It’s still full of many studios as well as historic warehouses, adorable one lane bridges, and even a petting zoo (above).

Museum Willet-Holthuysen

Photo of museum Willet-Holthuysen in Amsterdam. This off the beaten path museum is a must for history lovers looking for non-touristy things to do in Amsterdam. Don't miss these secret spots in Amsterdam! #elopement

The Willet-Holthuysen museum also has a beautiful garden.  The museum is quite lavish and well represents what life was like back in the Golden Age.  It’s included in the iAmsterdam pass, so if you’re a history geek, I think this lesser known museum is worth a visit.

Note: They are restrictive about photoshoots in the garden without permission.  The photo above was taken with permission with a beautiful couple who eloped in Amsterdam

Secret places in the Jordaan


Photo of hofje in Amsterdam. If you're looking for hidden secrets in Amsterdam, be sure to visit one of the secret gardens in Amsterdam. Hofjes are the ultimate way to get off the beaten path in Amsterdam. Read tips on where to find the best hofjes and other secret spots in Amsterdam. Photo by Jennifer Weinman. #travel #Netherlands #Amsterdam #elopement

Yours truly. Photo by Jennifer Weinman.

Interested in seeing the secret side to Amsterdam? Insider tips Amsterdam for the best 25 secret places in Amsterdam to visit! #Amsterdam #Netherlands #travel

Karthuizerhof is the largest remaining hofje in the city and it’s actually a private residence.  This one is much less known than the Begijnhof, so please don’t ruin this one.  This is where you’ll often find me with a book or sitting petting the friendly cats that roam the place.    I loved it so much that I took my wedding photos here.

NOTE: Most hofjes, including this one, are private residences that kindly allow the public inside.  If you’re rude/loud/inconsiderate, you will be asked to leave and I’ve seen it happen.  The hofje closes around sunset.

Van Brienenhofje / De Star Hofje

This charming hofje in the middle of the Jordaan has irregular hours, so very few people end up visiting.  I have tried many times to get inside, however I finally managed on a weekday during the day.   It’s not particularly large, but it’s cute.  Same rules apply: BE CONSIDERATE AND QUIET.


Photo of Zevenkeurvorstenhofje in Amsterdam. This secret spot in Amsterdam is a must-see for people trying to get off the beaten path in Amsterdam. See the best hidden places in Amsterdam.

Can you tell that I love hofjes? They’re historical, beautiful, and it’s never a guarantee that you’ll get inside.   (Living on the edge!)  Although this one was originally named after the seven original houses, it was expanded.  It’s actually social housing as it was intended to be years ago.

Anyways, if you manage to get into this small hofje, please be considerate.  Hours for this one are limited.  In order to get in, I had to ask a resident to let me inside to take photos in Dutch.  I didn’t say it was easy. 😉


Photo of Raepenhofje, a hofje in Amsterdam. If you're visiting Amsterdam and want to see the secret side to Amsterdam, be sure to visit these off the beaten path places in Amsterdam! #travel #Amsterdam #Netherlands

It’s said that the Raepenhofje  is one of the oldest hofjes in Amsterdam dating back to 1648.  It was used for widows and orphans.  There’s not much to mark it besides a circle above the entrance, but this small hofje is just cool to walk into if you’re already in the Jordaan that is still owned by the descendents of the original creator.  The door is sometimes open; sometimes shut.  It’s very small, so be quiet and considerate.

Cafe Chris

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It’s said that Cafe Chris might be one of the oldest cafes in Amsterdam (350 years old).  Either way, people who love dive bars in the US will fall in love with the dark and historical interior.  The bartender is delightful and the people are always fascinating.    It’s cash only and also, you can’t sing in the bar.  The view and the beer selection is pretty decent (although more classic).  If you’re into beer, don’t miss this incredible bar in Amsterdam.

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Other parts of Amsterdam

Frankendael Park

This leafy park close to University of Amsterdam has a gorgeous mansion and the first time that I first passed it, I did a double take.  I consider this one of the bigger secret places in Amsterdam that most people don’t know about it although it’s perfect for a nice walk, especially in summer.  If you’re staying out in Amsterdam Oost, definitely stop by if you’re biking by.

Kayak in Amsterdam!?

You’re probably used to hearing about people doing canal tours in Amsterdam.  However, did you know that you could do stand-up paddling or kayaking in Amsterdam IN THE CANALS?  Although I generally avoid swimming in the canals, this experience is just too unique to pass up.

I ended up doing kayaking at Camping Zeeburg, which is a bit further out of the city, however you can do both closer to the city with one of other companies. Just check the location FIRST as some are quite a bit away from the canals [including Camping Zeeburg], so you’d need to kayak half day in order to do it around the canals.


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Can you visit an old Dutch village while staying in Amsterdam proper? YES.  Ransdorp is a cute Dutch city surrounded by farmland with a Gothic tower.  It’s perfect for a long cycle if you don’t plan on leaving Amsterdam, but you want to experience the more rural side of the Netherlands.

It’s definitely one of the non-touristy things to do in Amsterdam and a secret spot in Amsterdam that even Amsterdammers don’t know about.  In order to get here, you need to bring a bike with you on the ferry to Noord Amsterdam.


This squat turned artist space and restaurant is definitely a secret spot in Amsterdam.  You enter through a nondescript door on a major street.  Suddenly, there’s tons of street art and inside, there’s a no-waste restaurant run by volunteers (reserve ahead).  I love the atmosphere as it’s really what is fading from Amsterdam nowadays as overtourism means that more of the city becomes one for visitors rather than residents.  The food at De Peper is really good.

Hortus Botanicus

The Hortus Botanicus is one of the oldest greenhouses in the world.  Established in 1638, this Amsterdam greenhouse was used for growing medical plants for doctors and pharmacists.  The intended use was to find medicines to fight the plague, however with the growth of the VOC (Dutch East India Company), many exotic plants were brought back to Amsterdam.  Many credit the Hortus Botanicus for producing the coffee strain that is used all over the world now.

NDSM / IJHallen

Noord Amsterdam, specifically NDSM, feels very divorced from the historical city of Amsterdam.  Full of modern buildings, old warehouses (more recent), and graffiti, NDSM feels younger, more vibrant, and (don’t judge me) like the cousin of Williamsburg before.  This area is rapidly changing as hipster turns into yuppie, but for now, it’s still a great area.  Be sure to head to the IJhallen if you can be here!


Photo of Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam. This former factory is a great non-touristy place to visit to Amsterdam to see how locals live. Read more tips on Amsterdam's best kept secrets! #Amsterdam

Photo copyright Bigstockphoto / CreativeNaturePhotography

This converted coal factory in Amsterdam West was renovated in 2003.  This sprawling (and surprisingly beautiful) complex has blossomed with small businesses, start-ups, and cafes.

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I particularly love coming here for the Sunday Market where you can get artisanal goods and to stop off at Tony’s Chocolonely for …a few Amsterdam slave-free chocolates.

Amsterdam’s epic street food festival is held in Westergasfabriek in summer.  Anyways, this factory is housed in one of my favorite parks in Amsterdam aka the one that all the tourists in Amsterdam skip!

I often come here to picnic in the park after getting lunch in Westergasfabriek, making it a great place to visit in Amsterdam, especially in summer, if you’re looking to do some non-touristy things.

De Otter Windmill

De Otter windmill in Amsterdam, one of the best secret places in Amsterdam to visit. Don't miss this Amsterdam secret spot when visiting Amsterdam! #travel #Amsterdam #Netherlands

De Otter is a Rijksmonument windmill IN Amsterdam dating back to 1631.  This windmill is the last remaining saw mill in Amsterdam and it was restored in the 1990s.  It’s not possible to visit this windmill, however you can view it from the sidewalk/bike path along Buysbrug.

Have you been to any of these interesting places to visit in Amsterdam? Any other favorites?

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