After stumbling upon a photo of the Devon cliffs at Ladram Bay, my friend Sophie and I decided to set out on a mission: to find these beautiful cliffs.  The cliffs are hidden next to a private beach at Ladram Bay Holiday Park. 

I’ll be detailing my experience visiting the cliffs, the best spots to take photos of the Devon cliffs, our experience visiting the Ladram Bay Holiday Park, and where to stay near Ladram Bay.

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Sometimes, places not really what you expect.  After exploring Otterton, one of Devon’s cutest villages, we drove on towards Ladram Bay.  In case you were not clear on this, Ladram Bay is a holiday park in South Devon with a stunning view of cliffs that could be easily mistaken for those in the south of Portugal.    Even if you’re not staying at Ladram Bay, it’s a lovely day trip from elsewhere in Devon.

The best views of the Devon Cliffs along Ladram Bay

Beautiful sea stacks at Ladram Bay, a beautiful part of the Devon Cliffs!

Among Devon’s stunning Jurassic Coast, you can spot the seven sea stacks along Ladram Bay.  The sandstone that formed the dramatic landscape was deposited using the Triassic Period.  Within these columns and cliffs, you can find the remains of extinct animals and plants who once lived in this fertile area.  Over time, the weaker parts of the sandstones eroded due to the sea, resulting in the stunning sea stacks that you’ll see at Ladram Bay.

As soon as you park your car (keep reading), you’ll want to walk towards the Three Rocks Inn at Ladram Bay.  Keep walking around the building.  Here, you’ll see the first of the viewpoints overlooking some the beach at Ladram Bay.   

Girl admiring the stunning cliffs along Ladram Bay, a lovely beach in Devon

Afterwards, walk by the playground and continue walking along through the gate.  You’ll then follow a faint path with the holiday park on your left prior to curving up to a best viewpoint of the cliffs that is slightly obscured by the preventative fence.   

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It is possible to continue further for a nice hike through the forest, however you need to have appropriate trainers to enter the forest. Just be warned that we saw quite a few horse flies…

Beautiful view of the Ladram Bay sea stacks from a hiking trail above the Ladram Bay Holiday Park. #travel #UK #Devon #nature

Parking at Ladram Bay

Beautiful view of the Ladram Bay sea stacks, one of the best reasons to visit Ladram Bay

As a guest of Ladram Bay, you can park up to two cars for free. Similarly, if you are camping, you’re allowed one vehicle.

During the winter period, it’s free to park at Ladram Bay if choose to visit as a non-guest. However, if you visit in the peak season without being a guest, you will need to pay for the privilege.  On weekends in peak season, parking costs £10, however this gives you access to the beach.

The Beach along Ladram bay

Girl swimming in the water at Ladram Bay beach

As soon as you exit the parking lot, you’ll see a steep slope down towards the beach.  This secluded beach was fairly empty considering how stunning the scenery was.   The beach has round stones and pebbles instead of sand, which makes it easy to walk on compared to a conventional beach. (You still might want to bring sandals.) 

We enjoyed watching the various boats and swimmers enjoying the cool water, especially given the weather in England this summer.  It’s possible to rent a kayak or a boat, which will give you a stunning photo of the sea stacks at Ladram Bay at sunset….  Similarly, you can fish.

Pebbles along the beach at Ladram Bay Holiday Park

There is a shop just footsteps from the beach where you can purchase ice cream, snacks, and drinks.  Further up closer to the car park, you’ll find a miniature supermarket where you can purchase magazines and all you need for a relaxing beach day. 

Where to stay in/near Ladram Bay

As I was staying in one of the charming villages of Dartmoor, I didn’t end up staying at Ladram Bay, however I did take a peek inside one of the show holiday homes available for purchase.  It was absolutely decked out and perfect for a relaxing holiday with the family.  You can camp, glamp, or within one of the cozy lodges.

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If you’re looking for something more historic, you can stay just down the road in the stunning village of Otterton.  Otterton has 600 residents and straight out of a picture book with thatched houses.  You can stay at the charming King’s Arms Inn Otterton or inside one of the beautiful thatched roof homes.

Beautiful thatched house in Otterton, Devon.

The town also houses a working mill with a restaurant that has been named one of the best restaurants in the area. If you’re looking for something different than typical resort food, head to the Otterton Mill for a delicious locally sourced meal.

Have you visited Ladram Bay?

Looking for a beautiful beach in Devon? Head to the secluded Ladram Bay beach along the Devon Cliffs and the Jurassic Coast! #Devon #travel #UK