This week is a guest post from a reader who happens to be my dad. Steve is a native New Yorker who has been going to the US Open for the past 35 years.  He attends for three days every year.  The most that he has ever spent on one day was $5 for a pretzel.   Keep reading for his insider tips to the US Open with advice on how to visit Billie Jean King National Tennis Center on a budget, what to bring to the US Open, what to wear to the US Open, and other travel tips for the US Open 2018.

Insider tips for US Open 2017 from a fan attending 30+ years on how to buy tickets for US Open, how to get to the US Open & what to bring to US Open.

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What is covered in this ultimate guide to the US Open

  • How to buy US Open Tickets
  • Best days to go to the US Open
  • Which tickets to buy for the US Open?
  • Should you buy the US Open day or night pass?
  • Which US Open ticket to buy: Grounds Ticket or Arthur Ashe (Large Stadium)
  • What happens if it rains during the US Open?
  • How to save money on US Open Tickets: Go for FREE!
    • Practice Matches before US Open
    • Qualifying Tournaments before US Open
  • ​Save Money during the US Open: Print the Draw Sheet
  • ​How early to get to the US Open? How long will security at US Open take?
  • Where to sit at the US Open: Where are the best seats?
  • What to eat at the US Open & What to drink at the US Open
    • ​Dinner at the US Open
  • ​​Other things to do at the US Open. There’s much more than just tennis matches!
  • A long day’s journey in the night. How many hours is the US Open per day?
  • What to bring for the US Open
  • What to wear to the US Open
  • How to get to the US Open & public transit options & Where to Stay for the US Open
    • ​Should you drive to the US open?
    • How to get to the US Open by subway or LIRR
  • How to behave at the US Open
  • Should you go to the US Open with kids? 

How to buy US Open Tickets & which are the best days to go to the US Open

If you need to buy tickets for the US Open, visit the US Open website, call the Ticketmaster phone number, or go in person to buy the tickets. There might be people selling tickets outside of the stadium, but they may be fake. Similarly, you can avoid overpriced tickets if buying them through legitimate channels If you bought a cheap seat and later decide that you want to pay more for a better seat, you can upgrade your seat to a better seat at an inside booth.  
Note: US Open tickets do not go on sale until June generally.  If you go through the official website, you can get an official notification from Ticketmaster before they go on sale.  If you have an American Express card, you get access to the American Express Presale tickets.  So, if you see tickets on sale much earlier than summer, it’s probably a scam.
The US Open runs 2 weeks and unless you belong to the 1%  (and willing to buy expensive tickets), it’s best not to get tickets for the entire US Open as you will only want to attend on a few days.

If you’re not sure which days to attend, I recommend going on days 4-7 to watch second or third round matches.  (This means that the players have already won previous matches.) Go earlier and you might be watching 6-0, 6-0 blowouts are typical in the first round. After day 9-14, nonprofessional juniors will be playing in the outer courts. (Edit: some people do enjoy the earlier matches, but this is my opinion.)

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Which US Open tickets to buy? US Open Day or Night Ticket

I recommend buying the day ticket (if you’re forced to make a decision).  The US Open sells separate tickets for day matches and night matches. The day ticket allows you to watch over 18 different matches at the same time, but the evening matches only allows 4.  If the night match a one sided victory (6-0, 6-0), it will be a disappointing evening.  

Which ticket: Grounds Ticket or Arthur Ashe (Large Stadium).  What happens if it rains?

The Grounds Pass allows you to enter all the 18 matches except for Arthur Ashe.  You don’t know what the weather will be like for the day that you buy your tickets on. On a nice day, the grounds pass is great and cheaper, however you might get rained out.  

My advice: buy the Arthur Ashe ticket.  
Many of the best matches are in the outer courts. I have seen better matches in the outer courts while sitting in the first row. In the outer courts, there are no RESERVED seats so arrive early and get a front row seat. Who wants to watch ants from the stadium or sit 5 feet from top players on court 3 or 5?  

What happens if it rains during the US Open? 

You cannot get refunds from the US Open unless the entire session gets rained out.  If it’s only one match, you will not get a refund. However, you can get credit for the following year in the event of a rain out. If you’re coming from out of town, you are out of luck.   On a rainy day, the Arthur Ashe ticket is better, as it has a roof, so you can still watch the matches in Arthur Ashe stadium in the rain.

How to save money on US Open Tickets: Go for FREE!

Tip 1: On the Sunday before the tournament begins, the top players get access to all stadia to practice in. Many of the top players play simulated matches with other top professionals, so you see the top players in the world and you can sit anywhere you want.  I have seen the ranked players numbers 1-5 on Sunday.  The US Open App lists the schedule and it is a fantastic experience.  It is becoming more popular among the knowledgeable fans, but still an insider secret!
Tip 2: The week before the US Open starts, there is a Qualifying Tournament.  Admission is free. There are always former top or injured players in this tournament, so be sure to catch it as you can sit where you want. It runs generally for 4 days and the last day decides who gets to play in the U.S. Open.

​Save Money during the US Open: Print the Draw Sheet

On a given day, there are hundreds of matches taking place on all 18 courts.  Typically, there are 4 to 5 matches per court per day.  The Draw sheet lists which matches are scheduled and you will need it to know the best matches and where to go. Instead of  buying it for $5 at the gate, print it before coming. It is the same program.

How early to get to the US Open? How long will security take?

The first match starts at 11am but it can take 30 minutes to pass through security.  Arrive no later than 10:15am, so that you can get a great seat at the court. Later in the day, the lines can really build up, so the wait can be over an hour.  It is quite aggravating to know that you’re missing matches while waiting to get inside the event.

Where to sit at the US Open: Where are the best seats?

It’s best not to sit on the long side of the court or you’ll be like one of those cartoons watching tennis: moving your head back and forth to keep seeing what happens. If you can afford to be lower down in Arthur Ashe stadium, it will be worth it as the cheap seats are quite high up.

What to eat at the US Open & What to drink at the US Open

Buying food and drink can be very expensive.  You can bring your own food and drinks into the US open, with some restrictions, if you don’t bring very much.  I always bring my own fruit/tuna in a plastic packet to save money.  I also bring large frozen PLASTIC bottles (NO GLASS), so I stay hydrated throughout the day.  There are many water foundations to refill them for free although I typically go to the water fountain near Court 7. if you do not bring your own food, there is a food vendor booth in Flushing Meadow Park that is affordable and at the time of publication, rated “A” by the NYC Health Department.

A better option to dinner at the US Open 

You could eat at the U.S. Open and spend an obscene amount of money on a hamburger, a burrito, or at the newest food stands.  However, you’re one stop away from some of the best Asian food in New York City. Be sure to download Yelp to find your favorite type of food. Take the 7 train towards Flushing (Main St). As soon as you exit the station, you’ll be awash in options. 

Other things to do at the US Open; There’s much more than just tennis matches!

The US Open offers many fun events, including meeting top tennis players at autograph or book signings.  With your American Express card, you can visit the American Express Hospitality Suite to charge your phone, and get out of the heat in an air conditioned facility.  There are also many tennis clinics, raffles, and bands around the grounds.  If you’re a fellow tennis fanatic, you can visit the Tennis Hall of Fame and/or time your serve to see how to measure up against the pros! Alternate between matches and fun events in the course of the day. This includes taking a photo with the men’s trophy.  For instagrammers, the Unisphere outside is a must!

A long day’s journey in the night. How many hours is the US Open per day?

The first match starts at 11 am and often the day sessions in the Stadium end at 5 PM.  You can stay as long after you move to the outer courts until 8 or 9 PM.  Ten hours per day enough?  For me, yes.

What to bring to the US Open 

Try to avoid bringing a bag, if possible, as it will force you to wait in line longer.  If you choose to bring a bag, you can only bring one bag and you should ensure that it’s not larger than 12″W x 12″H x 16″L. Backpacks and hard coolers are not allowed, so be careful in your choice of bags. A lightweight tote bag is a good choice.

Be sure to bring your Amex card for the perks, at least one empty plastic water bottle (no glass or steel), a hat to cover your head/face since the sun will beat down on you, sunscreen (cream; not aerosol), and an extra layer for nighttime (a waterproof light jacket to avoid bringing a rain poncho).  Just in case of rain, a rain poncho is helpful.  If you’re into signatures, bring a few spare tennis balls.
Most importantly: Check the rules on the website as they change.New York can be brutally humid in August/early September, and the heat can get to you, so be prepared if you’ll be watching matches all day in the sun.

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What to wear to the US Open

There is not a dress code for the US Open beyond wearing clothes and not wearing things with offensive sayings, however it is often good to bring layers if you intend to stay at night.  Some people dress up, but you should prioritize wearing comfortable shoes as you will be walking a lot more than you realize. Some women wear tennis dresses and/or skirts, however there is no need to dress in your fanciest clothing.  ​It doesn’t hurt to wear something breathable as you might be sweating due to the humidity/heat (Not surprisingly: Many people will wear tennis related clothing.)
What to wear to the US Open for Men
What to wear the US Open for Women.

How to get to the US Open & public transit options 

It is very convenient to fly into either Laguardia or JFK airport as the tournament is located in the same borough of New York City. You can stay nearby for a reasonable price, however those visiting New York for the first time seeking a better location for sightseeing AND commuting by public transit might want to consider staying in Long Island City (Queens) and/or Midtown (Manhattan). Both offer unparalleled access to the 7 train (check that you’re near the 7 stop or Penn Station) as well as easy access to New York’s biggest attractions. (Click for tips from a native New Yorker for a five day NYC itinerary with insider tips.)
Should you bring a car to the US Open? NO. Parking close to the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center can be quite difficult, so do not to drive to the US open.  Parking is always very crowded, far away, and expensive. ​ Some people will take Ubers, but expect substantial traffic close to the US Open.

How to get the US Open by subway or LIRR. You’re better off taking the subway (7 train towards Main St.) or taking the Long Island Rail Road from Penn Station (Manhattan) to Mets-Willets Point. It is a very short walk to the US Open from the train/subway stop, so save the environment and your money by taking public transit.  Click here for a detailed guide to the New York City subway.

If there is a Met game on the same night and/or if you go around rush hour, expect a crowded train. That said, try to take the Express 7 train instead of the local 7 train.

What you can’t bring to the US Open (Updated for the US Open 2017)

  • Backpacks
  • Hard coolers
  • Sealed packages
  • Bottles or cans (glass or metal)
  • Aerosol cans (i.e. sunscreen) or noisemaking devices
  • Alcohol
  • Video cameras or recording devices
  • Computers or laptops
  • Food (except in limited quantities, or for medical, dietary or infant purposes)
  • Weapons
  • Animals (unless a service animal)
  • Flags, banners or signs
  • Any materials constituting unauthorized advertising or promotion
  • Laser pointing devices
  • Tennis racquets
  • Drones (UAS-Unmanned Aircraft Systems) or other model aircraft
  • “Selfie” sticks or other telescopic devices
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How to behave at the US Open

This is very simple, but tennis is a (mostly) civilized sport. Just because the players make noise…it doesn’t mean that you can. Don’t jeer at opponents you don’t like.  Similarly, you can be kicked out if you smoke, record matches on your phone and/or go live on social media, open umbrellas during matches, or try to take someone else’s seat. Be sure to silence your cell phone as they can distract the players as well as your fellow spectators.  Similarly, if a ball OR racket ends up in the stands, throw it back. However, at the end, some players choose to hit off the balls into the crowd. In that case, you’re in the clear!

Many players expect well-behaved fans, so you will probably spot a high ranked professional tennis player walking around on their own.  If you spot them, be polite and courteous. Don’t be aggressive about signatures (although you can politely ask).Similarly, if you spot a celebrity, like you might for the major matches inside the stadium, be normal. It can be cool, but it’s distracting to other fans if you’re trying to find the perfect angle to sneak a photo of a celebrity in the middle of a match (which you’ll be able to find online a few hours later).

Should you go to the US Open with kids?

If you have older kids, the US Open can be a lot of fun, however Arthur Ashe Day is the best day to bring your kids. This free day prior to the US Open includes practice matches to watch, fun stands/activities for kids, and a concert. It is appropriate for kids of all ages although the actual US Open might be better suited to older kids who can appreciate the game (especially if you intend to spend the whole day there).  That said, there are some fantastic children’s museums to entertain your kids nearby, including the New York Hall of Science.   Arthur Ashe is a good charity and the day is a lot of fun with kids, however it is not for serious fans. 

If you attending with your children, consider buying a giant US Open tennis ball to get signed by the pros for your kids. (Save money by bringing your own). Just remember to bring a sharpie.

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Enjoy the greatest event in the USA!

If you need any tips for New York City, click for tips for visiting NYC on a budget and a first time visitor’s guide to New York City by a New Yorker.

Have you ever attended the US Open or another tennis tournament? Anything that you’d like to add/know?

Insider tips for US Open from a fan attending 30+ years on how to buy tickets for US Open, how to get to the US Open & what to bring to US Open.

Insider tips for US Open from a fan attending 30+ years on how to buy tickets for US Open, how to get to the US Open & what to bring to US Open.