Planning your trip to the Hague, the Netherlands?  This is your insider’s guide to the best hotels in the Hague, including the best neighborhoods to stay in.  I’m still a recent arrival to the Hague as I’ve been living here less than a year, however when I moved to the Hague, I lived all around the city. I hope this guide helps you find the best hotel for your needs.

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Within this post, I’ll be discussing how the different neighborhoods in the Hague differ, some important landmarks that are close to these neighborhoods, and the hotels in the Hague are closest to these key locations.

I’ve written this guide to the Hague both for leisure and business travelers although I’ve tried to make special notes for business travelers as not everyone realizes the Hague can be a bit spread out.  When you’re doing business travel, you don’t always have the time to explore too far beyond where you’re working, so I hope that I can simplify which neighborhood in the Hague is best to stay in for your trip.

Neighborhoods covered in this hotel guide to the Hague

  • Historic center of the Hague
  • Zeeheldenkwartier
  • Chinatown
  • Zeeheldenkwartier
  • Voorhout
  • Statenkwartier
  • Archipelbuurt

  • Scheveningen

Historic center of the Hague (including Noordeinde)

One of my favorite neighborhoods in the Hague is definitely Noordeinde.  Here, you’ll find the heart of the Hague together with many of its independent shops, cozy cafes, and the King’s Working Palace.  There’s nothing like strolling by the grand Noordeinde Palace after having a coffee at one of the nearby cafes.  This area has the charm, beauty, and selection that it will be easy to find a nice hotel in this area although you’ll certainly pay for the privilege. Luckily, there’s some budget options for those on a lower budget.

Those who have meetings with the Dutch government will want to stay close to center as many of the key government buildings are close to Den Haag Centraal and the Beatrixquarter.  Although the Beatrixquarter may be more convenient, it’s better to stay in The Hague center where you’ll find more restaurants and cafes for post-work dinner.

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Zeta Beds

Right on the heart of Plein, the main “going out” square of the Hague, you’ll find Zeta Beds, an affordable hotel right at the heart of the action for anyone on a budget.  If you have a fun weekend planned in the Hague where you’ll be going out a lot, Zeta can be a good option as the bar and the tram stop is directly downstairs.

Hotel Room11

Hotel Room11 is an affordable hotel close to Noordeinde Palace in a quiet location just five minutes on foot from the heart of the city center.  If you’re looking for a bit more of peace and quiet while staying on budget, Hotel Room11 might be just what you’re looking for.

Grote Kerk, one of the main things to see in the Hague (Den Haag). Read about the best hotels in the Hague and the best neighborhoods in the Hague to stay in! #travel #holland #denhaag

Berger’s B&B

Berger’s B&B is a cozy bed and breakfast footsteps from the Grote Kerk.  If you’re looking for a friendly host, a nice breakfast, and a room with character for a reasonable price, consider staying at this cozy bed and breakfast that is nestled in a beautiful quiet residential area of the Hague.

Hotel Indigo

This new hotel, part of the IHG chain, has views of Noordeinde Palace from some rooms and a certain charm to it.  The hotel used to be a bank  you can see subtle touches of its past through its retro-inspired decoration.  When I visited Hotel Indigo, I was impressed with its modern rooms, its unique dining room in a former bank vault and a great location in the heart of Noordeinde.

‘t Goude Hooft

For anyone seeking a historic hotel with modern amenities, consider staying at the ‘t Goude Hooft,  the Hague’s oldest inn.  This 4* hotel with modern amenities dates back to 1423 and was once used as a meeting room for knights.

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Boutique Hotel Corona

Boutique Hotel Corona is a 5* boutique hotel in the center of the Hague that is built within three 17th century buildings right across from the Binnenhof.  For easy access to the city center on foot or by tram, Hotel Corona offers unparalleled access to the Hague’s city center as well as stunning views of the Binnenhof from the moment that you step outside.

Hotel Des Indes

Hotel Des Indes in The Hague, one of the best luxury hotels in the Hague.

A list of hotels in the Hague cannot leave off Hotel Des Indes. This stunning 5* luxury hotel in a former palace is one of the most well known hotels in the Hague. If it’s not enough, it’s located on the leafy and historic Lange Voorhout, one of the most beautiful streets in the Hague. Hotel Des Indes is the premier choice for visiting diplomats, celebrities, and royalty. The hotel is also footsteps from the Hague’s most beautiful street, Denneweg.

Denneweg, one of the most beautiful streets in the Hague. Read why you should stay in the center of the Hague in this guide in where to stay in the Hague. #travel #denhaag #holland #canals #netherlands

Chinatown/Den Haag HS

Street in Chinatown, one of the best areas in the Hague to stay in. Read a guide to the best hotels in the Hague! #travel #denhaag #holland #netherlands

If you’re visiting the Hague on budget, I recommend looking for a hotel in Chinatown.  Chinatown is often overlooked as it’s close to the Hague center, however many of the buildings aren’t as historic although staying in Chinatown guarantees that you’ll have access to the best Chinese and Indonesian food in the Hague.

If you’re looking for a central hotel in the Hague, you’ll find quite a few in Chinatown.  Even better, you’ll be only fifteen minutes on foot from the main sights in the city and just five minutes from the train station if you intend to take any train trips to other Dutch cities.

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The Student Hotel

For those on a budget, the Student Hotel is a great option for anyone seeking a clean and modern room.  The student look and feel of the rooms may put some people off, however the comfortable bed, blackout curtains, fast wifi, and amble plugs converted me.  For those visiting on business, The Student Hotel has a coworking space that you can use for a small fee.  When I stayed here, I paid less than 60 euros for my room.

Check prices now! 

Zeeheldenkwartier & Archipelbuurt

For a glimpse into the coolest neighborhood in the Hague, consider staying in the Zeeheldenkwartier for great food and independent shops. It’s only a twenty minute walk to the city center although you’ll find enough in the Zeeheldenkwartier to keep you well fed.

Both the Zeeheldenkwartier and the Archipelbuurt surround the Peace Palace. If you’re visiting the Hague for embassy matters and/or an court case that requires going to the Peace Palace, this area might be ideal.  The ICC is fairly close to this area although it might be best to commute there by taxi or bike.

The Peace Palace, one of the landmarks of the Hague. Read about the best neighborhoods in the Hague to stay in with tips for finding the best hotels in the Hague for business and leisure travelers. #travel #holland #netherlands #denhaag

La Paulowna Boutique Hotel

La Paulowna Boutique Hotel is a beautiful boutique hotel with modern touches just a block away from the Peace Palace.  This hotel has a number of thoughtful touches as well as unparalleled views of the Peace Palace.

Hilton The Hague

The Hilton in the Hague is one of the most popular options for business travelers looking for hotels in the Hague.  For attentive service, easy access to buildings near the Peace Palace and the city center, a Starbucks, and modern rooms, the Hilton has all you need for a business trip to the Hague.

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The Statenkwartier is one of the loveliest areas of the Hague, full of leafy streets, family-friendly cafes, and cozy shops. My favorite street to wander down is Frederik Hendriklaan, which is the heart of this area.

Perfectly placed between the Peace Palace and Scheveningen, the Statenkwartier is a good area for anyone seeking a quieter stay in the Hague or who has a business trip to any of the international institutions.   Anyone visiting the Hague who needs to commute to the World Forum, the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, Europol, or the Peace Palace will find that this is a great location.

Hotel Excelsior

For an affordable hotel option in the the Statenkwartier, consider staying at Hotel Excelsior, which is only a block away from the numerous restaurants on Frederik Hendriklaan.  Even if you don’t have much time in the Hague, you’ll find everything that you need in this area.

Marriott Hotel The Hague

You’ll find numerous business hotel chains close to this area in the Hague although the Marriott is well-known for its good location close to the World Forum (and other government buildings).  If you have meetings in this area and are looking for a business hotel, the Marriott has an unbeatable location.


Scheveningen is the famous beach near the Hague. In general, I’d avoid staying in Scheveningen unless you’re here for the beach as it can be a bit far from other things.

If you’re looking for something cheap and close to the beach, look no further than the easyHotel along Scheveningen Beach. Those with a larger group may want to consider a vacation rental, which may be more cost efficient for larger groups.

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The Kurhaus is the reason that Scheveningen is famous.  The Grand Hotel Amrâth Kurhaus, a stunning 5* luxury hotel and spa, is a bit removed from the rest of the Hague, however if you’re open to taking a taxi or tram, you’ll find that it’s easy to enjoy the quiet of the beach without the bustle of the city.

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Where’s your favorite hotel in the Hague?