Serbia is certainly on the cutting edge of cuisine and beer.  Although I heard that Serbian craft beer wasn’t popular for a long time, you’ll find numerous fantastic options on where to drink craft beer in Belgrade.  As Belgrade is a big destination for going out, you’ll need to find somewhere to go before the splats open, so keep reading on where to drink cocktails in Belgrade [bottom] and the best craft beer in Belgrade. (Even if you’re not a big partier, I have some recommendations for some quieter bars in Belgrade!)

Where to drink craft beer in Belgrade, Serbia

I’ve tried to focus this list of craft bars in Belgrade on bars that focus on serving Serbian craft beer rather than international beers.  I was very impressed with Serbian craft beer, so I wrote this little guide to craft beer in Belgrade, so that more visitors can easily find good Serbian craft beer in Belgrade.


Craft beer at Krafter, a craft beer bar in Belgrade, Serbia. Read where to drink in Belgrade in this craft beer guide to Belgrade, Serbia! #travel #craftbeer #beer #belgrade #serbia

Krafter is my favorite craft beer bar in Belgrade.  This quiet bar (with good wifi) had knowledgable female bartenders who were happy to chat about local beer, low music levels, minimal smoking, and a great beer selection.  After visiting too many smokey crowded bars in Belgrade, I loved this craft beer bar for its quiet pride in showing off Serbia’s best beers.  I’d think that Krafter is one of the top places to drink craft beer in Belgrade.


This cozy beer store and cafe has a nice beer selection although be warned that seating is an issue.  It’s a bit outside of the city center, but maybe worthwhile if you’re looking for more IPAs.

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Samo Pivo

Samo Pivo, a popular craft beer bar in belgrade. Read where to drink in Belgrade in this craft beer guide to Belgrade, Serbia #belgrade #serbia #craftbeer #travel

I have mixed feelings about Samo Pivo.  I went here twice and although the beer selection is decent for local beers, I really felt this was a bar better oriented towards locals looking for something different as the craft beer selection skews international.  As a visitor, I appreciated the casual atmosphere, but it was so loud that it was difficult to hold a conversation over the noise level and the smoking was a significant issue.   I ended up heading towards Krafter (happily).


Prohibicija is a nice pre-clubbing bar with a nice selection of local beers and cocktails. It’s located near the splats, so if you’re looking for a bar to relax at prior to dancing the night away in one of Belgrade’s famous nightclubs along the river, come here.


If you’re in Zemun, be sure to head towards Lakat for an ever-changing tap of craft beer and lovely views (especially if you love people watching).

Pivski Zabavnik

This cozy beer cafe/shop is one of the friendliest places in Belgrade to get a beer. If you’re looking for something different, don’t hesitate to ask the staff, who love challenging the patrons with something different (or new).


Exterior of Berliner bar in Belgrade, Serbia. This bar is one of the best craft beer bars in Belgrade! #travel #belgrade #serbia

This German-inspired bar close to the splats has a great beer selection, nice food, and a cozy environment for those preparing for a big night out.   If you’re hungry, you can get German-style sausage with your beer!

Dorćol Platz

Dorćol Platz is hipster beer heaven. This community complex has a cafe that serves up craft beer in an industrial environment that is always growing/changing.

Srpska kuća piva – Mileševska

One of the most cozy beer bars in Belgrade is Srpska kuća piva – Mileševska.  This casual bar is very reasonable and the atmosphere is certainly one of the most unique in Belgrade.  It’s a cozy, relaxed place to have a drink.  There’s two locations although the Mileševska location is the one that I visited.

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View of former beer factory in Belgrade, Serbia. Read this craft beer guide to Belgrade with the best craft beer bars in Belgrade, Serbia! #travel #craftbeer #belgrade #serbia

One of the Serbians girls that I met up with me took me to Zaokret, which is pretty hard to find if you’ve never been to the former factory complex close to Skadarlija.  This craft beer is laid back enough that you don’t need to dress up much.  The bartender was especially friendly and helpful in providing tips on the best local beers.  It closes on the early side, but definitely a nice place for a craft beer.

Where NOT to drink in Belgrade

The Black Turtle. I went here with a Serbian friend and I was …not that impressed with the beer. The only that I liked was the blueberry beer, which was closer to juice than beer. The atmosphere is closer to a typical bar here in the Netherlands, however you’ll find beer that actually tastes like beer elsewhere.

Where to drink cocktails in Belgrade

Red Bar

Drink on fire at Red Bar in Belgrade, Serbia. Read this guide to cocktails and beer in Belgrade with tips on where to find the best cocktails in Belgrade! #travel #cocktails #belgrade #serbia #balkans

I was brought to Red Bar, a bar in Skadarlija, by some Serbians that I met on my first night.  Unlike many bars in the area, it’s open later and there’s music if you’re preparing to go out. I enjoyed their festive and imaginative cocktails, which had a theatric flare (including fire!).  It wasn’t too crowded when I was there and I liked that it was easy to get a table.

Passengers Bar

Those looking for a quiet place to unwind will love the Passengers Bar (besides the smoking) for their lovely garden, delicious cocktails, and nice craft beer in Dorsol.  What else do you need?

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Kultura bar

For a dash of culture, head to Kultura bar for knowledgable bartenders, fantastic cocktails (arguably the best in Belgrade), and an cozy atmosphere perfect for relaxing while having a nice chat with the friendly bartenders.  It’s a small place, so just a heads up as it gets quite busy.


Blaznavac, one of the most unique bars in Belgrade. Read about the best cocktail bars in Belgrade Serbia with tips on where to get a nice cocktail or a craft beer in Belgrade! #travel #belgrade #bars #serbia

This unique cafe in Belgrade decorated with interesting decorations and you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to another world as soon as you enter. The cocktails are nice and it’s certainly one of the most unique bars in Belgrade.  (It’s also decent for beer.)


When I was walking down the street, I heard music coming from somewhere.  I couldn’t figure out where.  This jazz club featured really lovely cocktails as well as a nice relaxed atmosphere.  I was here solo, which was a bit weird, but I’d recommend Azbuka for a relaxing night out with your significant other away from the craziness of Belgrade’s bars.

If you’re on a budget: .5 Nula Pet

I ended up stepping into this underground bar after being intrigued by it.  Not too many craft beers, but I enjoyed their rakija cocktail with just enough sweetness from the honey that you’ll be wondering how much alcohol is inside…


If you’re looking for an artistic cafe in Belgrade, consider stopping by Meduza for a fantastic cocktail. This laid back bar with music and nice G&Ts is perfect for a more relaxed night out in Belgrade.

Honorary bar mentions (that don’t really fit into any category)

Magic Garden

Let me explain this one:  Magic Garden is a Belgrade institution and every night that I met up with Serbians, I was asked, “Have you been to Magic Garden yet?”  I suppose that it’s a right of passage that comes with going out in Belgrade and shutting down the bars.  Magic Garden is one of the diviest bars that I’ve been in a while. It’s pretty laid back inside, there’s good rock music on the radio, and the drinks are cheap if you’re looking for somewhere to relax with friends.  Don’t come here looking for craft beer or cocktails.

Kinky Bar

I met up with a friendly Serbian girl and her friends who asked me if I liked K-pop music and/or if I was down for a party.  I was, so we ended up visiting Kinky Bar.  You’ll find a darker side to Belgrade here with EDM, goth nights, and other theme nights (such as K-Pop).  Don’t be scared about going down the stairs.  Everyone inside was friendly and the drinks were cheap although there’s not too much of a drink selection.

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Where’s your favorite place to get a beer or cocktail in Belgrade?

Interested in craft beer in the Balkans? Your craft beer guide to Belgrade, Serbia, including the best craft beer bars in Belgrade and the best cocktail bars in Belgrade. Read where to go out in Belgrade with tips for experiencing Belgrade's nightlife! #travel #belgrade #serbia #craftbeer #cocktails #balkans