While visiting Belgrade Serbia, I fell hard for Serbian food.  I’m not pretending to be a tried-and-true expert on Belgrade, but with the help of Svetlana, one of my Instagram followers, my fantastic hostel receptionist, and some new Serbian friends, I was able to expertly navigate Belgrade’s food scene.  This is my little guide to where to eat in Belgrade, Serbia with some tips on where to drink coffee in Belgrade in between your meals.  (Be prepared to leave Belgrade ready for a coffee IV.)

I was so shocked while staying at my hostel how many others I met that didn’t have a single Serbian food dish during their time partying in Belgrade, Serbia.  After spending about twenty minutes raving about how delicious Serbian food is, I decided that I’d write this little guide to food in Belgrade for my fellow travelers who must try some of the Serbian specialities while in Belgrade.  All of these places accept credit cards. Serbians drink coffee like many countries drink water, so I’ve also included my favorite coffee places in Belgrade Serbia!

I’m really sorry vegans as Belgrade isn’t the easiest place to be vegan. I’ve included a few vegan dishes/restaurants that you can find in Belgrade and where to find them, however for more information, please read this vegan guide to Belgrade written by a Serbian woman.

Thank you to Danijela from Hostel Bongo for sending me on this food scavenger hunt and Svetlana for these amazing food recommendations, which kept me very well fed during my time in Belgrade.  Belgrade is constantly changing, so I’m happy to update this guide if you have any additional recommendations for where to eat in Belgrade Serbia or where to drink coffee in Belgrade.

Where to eat in Belgrade, Serbia

Smoking is still very common in Belgrade, so be warned that if you’re sensitive to smoke, you’re going to need to be careful where you go in Belgrade for food/coffee. I’ve included my least smoky recommendations, but we can’t always get what we want.

I’ve updated this list with the help of Stefan, a kind Belgrade local who has contributed his favorite restaurants and cafes. Thank you Stefan!

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Konak Mikan

Pljeskavica, one of the best Serbian foods to try in Serbia. Read about where to eat in Belgrade, Serbia in this food guide to Belgrade! #travel #belgarde #serbia #Pljeskavica #balkans

Pljeskavica.  What is pljeskavica? It’s a beef barbecued that is mixed with onion that closely resembles a hamburger.  (Jokes ensued about this as the only American at my hostel).  I was actually very impressed with it and it was absolutely delicious.  The atmosphere at Mikan is great and I recommend eating at the restaurant.


Another place to experience pljeskavica and Serbian barbeque.  This was recommended to me as the other best place in Belgrade to get pljeskavica.  It’s not fancy like Mikan, but hopefully, you’re impressed with the food!

Ćevabdžinica Cica

Stefan insists that this is the best ćevapi that you can find in Belgrade.  You can find two locations: one in the Knez Mihailova pedestrian zone and another on the  Zemun riverside.


Manufactura was one of my favorite places for Serbian food, which was recommended by locals that i met.  This restaurant with an English menu, stunning exterior, locally sourced food, and ample seating is one of the best places in Belgrade to eat Serbian food, especially if you’re not sure where to begin. I love that their ingredients come from the countryside around Belgrade.  I ended up coming back here several times as I loved that the waiters were so happy to explain all of the dishes to me and recommend dishes that went together well.   You can’t go wrong here.

Caribic Pizza

Like moth to a flame, it’s impossible to stay away from Caribic Pizza if you go out in Belgrade with locals.  I have to say, even as someone who is lactose intolerant, that the pizza in Belgrade was pretty great and I ended up eating at Caribic multiple times.  There’s quite a line after the bars are open and you’ll understand why after your first night out in Belgrade.   Just be aware that the hot sauce is pretty hot, so take it easy.

Di Napoli, New Belgrade

Stefan insists that this is the best pizza in Belgrade.  Want to judge for ourself? Get the Pesto Genovese pizza although you can’t really go wrong here.

Walter Sarajevski cevap

This cozy restaurant was highly recommend by my hostel receptionist who swore that this was the single best place to get cevap.  I’ve had cevapi before and I love it, so I was just so pleased with the homey atmosphere at this affordable neighborhood restaurant.  I really recommend getting the cevap with ajvar (Serbian red pepper/eggplant dip) and the kajmak (unpasteurized creamy cheese). My obsession with ajvar has become so strong that my husband and I cook it regularly at home.  Another nearby option is Drama ćevapi if you can’t get a seat.  If you’re vegetarian, the ajvar is a good choice.

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Hummus Bar

This vegetarian/vegan favorite recommended to me by one of the Serbians that I met had amazing falafel. It’s open very late, so if you end up going to the nearby Klub studenata tehnike to dane the night away, you’ll want to come here after for a late night snack.

Sarajevo byrekeria (Бурегџиница Сарајево)

Burek, one of the best foods to try in Serbia. Read on where to get the best burek in Belgrade and more tips on the best places to eat in Belgrade, Serbia! #belgrade #serbia #travel #balkans

Breakfast is an important meal in Serbia. You must eat some Burek while you’re in Belgrade.  Serbian burek is delicious, but not so healthy.  I forced myself to walk to Sarajevo burekeria, which made me feel healthy (this feeling quirky went away after eating these…).  I really enjoyed the potato burek, but you’ll find all sorts here.  You cannot go wrong and I really loved the old-school atmosphere.  Note: that you might need to order in Serbian, so practice! (They accept credit cards.)


This Serbian restaurant was recommended to me as one of the best places to experience an old-school Serbian restaurant with affordable prices where you can try a lot of specialities.  The grilled meat is what to order.

Mandarina Cake Shop

Cake at Mandarina, one of the best bakeries in Belgrade. Read where to eat in Belgrade in this food guide to Belgrade, Serbia. #travel #Belgrade #serbia #balkans #pastries

This gem of a pastry shop was recommended to me by Svetlana, who attended university in Belgrade.  Mandarina is an experimental bakery with sublime pastries with an imaginative twist.  I loved the colorful pastries with a surprising mix of ingredients.  You’ll find options for vegans and those with gluten allergies here!

Smokvica Molerova

This well-hidden restaurant with a beautiful terrace in Belgrade is easy to pass by, however you’ll want to stop in for a nice meal and a coffee. I almost passed it without realizing that I actually found it.  Once you step into the spacious garden, you’ll want to stay a while.

Villa Maska

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For a unique atmosphere with interesting decorations and delicious food, consider heading to Villa Maska for dinner. This unique Serbian restaurant will make you feel like you entered another world, one that is more beautiful and artistic than our own.  Make reservations and dress up.

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Mala Fabrika Ukusa

This slightly hidden restaurant outside of the center is one of the best places to try new Serbian food with a twist.  If you’re familiar with Serbian food (or a foodie), you’ll want to stop here for something different.

Restaurant Lovac / Hunter

This old restaurant serves up the best traditional Serbian food according to Stefan.  Apparently this is where Serbians bring their foreign friends although be warned that it fills up with politicians and policemen, so reserve ahead.


Salad from SUPERMARKET, one of the best restaurants in Belgrade, Serbia. Read where to eat in Belgrade in this food guide to Belgrade! #travel #belgrade #serbia

This trendy restaurant was recommended to me as one of the best places to eat in Belgrade. I certainly enjoyed my food and was impressed by the Serbian wine selection as well as the wine knowledge of the waiters.   The food skews a bit more international (and the prices are a bit higher), but you’ll also find some Serbian dishes with a twist here.  Service was impeccable.

Caruso Restaurant

For fantastic views over Belgrade and nice food, come to this romantic restaurant near Terazije square.

Piatakia restaurant

One of Stefan’s favorites is this greek restaurant in Zemun with delicious dishes that combine dairy with sweetness.  Try the goat meat and the sweets.

Šaran restaurant

Every Serbian that I met encouraged me to go to Zemun to try the fresh fish that you’ll find at cafes along the waterfront in Zemun.  The Zemun riverside pedestrian zone is famous for its stunning architecture, so consider coming here just for the atmosphere.  According to Stefan, a local, there’s great food, music, and a lot of atmosphere to go around.

Lorenzo & Kakalamba

This crazy restaurant was recommended by some Serbians for its unique decorations that combines Serbian and Italian decor with an interesting result.  You’ll find food from both Serbia and Italy here.

Blaznavac coffee

For hipster vibes, a lovely garden, and a creative atmosphere, come to Blaznavac for cocktails (and breakfast).

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Where to drink coffee in Belgrade, Serbia

Thank you to Megan Starr for her comprehensive guide on coffee in Belgrade. There’s tons of coffeeshops in Belgrade, so I’ll be covering the places that I personally visited for coffee in Belgrade.

Aviator Coffee

Industrial chic atmosphere at Aviator, one of the best coffee shops in Belgrade Serbia. Read where to go eat in Belgrade! #travel #Belgrade #serbia #coffee

This industrial-chic coffee shop was right around the corner from my hostel and one of my favorite places for a coffee.  Their coffees are really delicious and creative although smoke can be an issue depending on your neighbors.  I loved the interior although the wifi varies depending on where you’re sitting.


This vegetarian-friendly cafe has a no-smoking rule that is enforced, healthy smoothies, delicious coffee, and a cozy atmosphere that makes it perfect for an hour spent sitting outside enjoying the good weather at.    In good weather, they open the windows up!


Interior of cafe in Belgrade Serbia. Read this food guide to Belgrade with the best places to eat and drink in Belgrade Serbia! #travel #belgrade #cafe #serbia #design

Koffein was my favorite smoke-free place to drink coffee in Belgrade.  This cafe actually enforces it and I was really impressed with their delicious lattes.  I also ended up getting a cookie with my latte and I must say that it was absolutely delicious.  Their wifi is super fast and I found myself in here a lot.  I loved the creative atmosphere, which set it apart from some of the cafes that I visited in Belgrade.


Coffee at coffeestar in Belgrade Serbia. Coffeestar is on the best places to drink coffee in Belgrade Serbia! #travel #Belgrade #serbia #coffee

This Serbian chain is an easy place to stop off for coffee around Belgrade.  No matter where you go, expect a relaxing experience, great service, and good wifi.  If I lived in Belgrade, I’d be in here often to work as it was very quiet with no smoking.

Greenet Nusiceva

This cozy cafe recommended to me by several people has a relaxed atmosphere and I absolutely loved their hot chocolate.  I visited the original location, which has a lot of charm, so you’re unsure where to get a coffee in Belgrade, don’t hesitate to walk down the alley that you’ll find this cafe on.

Sinnerman Jazz Club

Looking for some atmosphere? Come to Sinnerman for some fantastic views, great coffee, and jazz music.

Besna Mačka 

Besna Mačka, one of the most instagrammable cafes in Belgrade Serbia. Read about where to eat in Belgrade in this food guide to Belgrade. #travel #belgrade #colorful #cafe #serbia #balkans

This different cafe in Belgrade was one of my favorite places to drink coffee in Belgrade.  The crazy colors and zany atmosphere was one of the reasons that I headed to this artistic cafe.  The tea as well as the smoothies are delicious and I could see myself hanging out here with friends if I lived in Belgrade.

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This hidden cafe/bar is hidden among apartment buildings, so if you’re tired of Belgrade’s often charming mix of architecture, head to this hidden garden on a nice day for a coffee (or a beer) in a charming setting.

Jazz bašta

This small and cozy concept cafe has fantastic coffee. What else do you need?

Yachting club Goga

Looking for fantastic views over Belgrade with your coffee? Come to this splav (boat cafe) with stunning views across the river and of the local wildlife.  You’ll find a pool here as well as great coffee. Perfect for a lazy Saturday morning on a nice day.

Кафана Знак Питања / Kafana Question Mark

Kafana Question Mark, one of the oldest cafes in Belgrade Serbia. Read about where to eat in Belgrade and where to drink coffee. #travel #coffee #history #belgrade #serbia #balkans

This classic cafe is one of the oldest kafanas (an atmospheric Serbian cafe often with live music) in Belgrade.  For an authentic kafana atmosphere, come here for coffee and maybe a meal. I loved sitting here taking in the atmosphere.

It goes according to one version of the story that I heard that the cafe used to be named after a church across the way, however after the church wasn’t amused by this name as they felt that it encouraged sinning as many would go straight to the kafana after church.  So, the cafe ended up renaming itself ? in protest.  It stuck.

For my tea lovers: Apropo

Cute bookstore and tea shop in Belgrade with cats. Read where to drink tea in Belgrade, Serbia! #travel #belgrade #serbia #cats

Apropo Knjižara is a cozy bookstore with three adorable cats that roam the store and fantastic tea selection.  The quiet atmosphere and nice book selection made me feel at home almost immediately.  Sit down in one of the chairs and you’ll have a friendly cat asking for head rubs almost immediately. 

Let me know what you thought of this food guide to Belgrade, Serbia!

Anyone who lives in Belgrade or is visiting Belgrade: Please tell me where to eat in Belgrade and/or drink coffee in Belgrade that you’d recommend that isn’t here!

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