After visiting Kosovo last year, I was told that I needed to visit Albania. I started looking up photos–and I was sold instantly.   I visited Albania this summer and it was my favorite trip of 2017 hands downWhy? The beautiful nature, incredible hiking, historic cities, warm weather, delicious byrek, and decent prices… What else could one ask for in a vacation?  Keep scrolling for beautiful photos of Albania, including photos of the most beautiful places in Albania that we visited.  I truly hope this post inspires you to visit Albania. 

The photos of Albania that you’ll see here

  • Theth
  • Tirana
  • Theth to Valbona trail / Valbona
  • Berat
  • Shkodra
  • Assorted countryside (Northern Albania)
  • Koman/Kolmani Lake
  • E̶v̶e̶r̶y̶ ̶b̶y̶r̶e̶k̶ ̶s̶h̶o̶p̶ ̶i̶n̶ ̶A̶l̶b̶a̶n̶i̶a̶ ̶  (Sorry, I was too busy eating to take photos.)

We didn’t get to the beach or the sea (unforgivable, I know!), but I hope to return to Albania in the near future to see more of this beautiful country.  If I missed your favorite beautiful place in Albania, tell me where to go on my next trip. (I already have Vlora, the Southern Blue Eye, and Gjirokaster on my bucket list.) Thanks to Rohan & Max, Lavdi, and Cherene for being great company and the subjects in my photos.


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Photos of Theth, Albania

When we were in Kosovo, everyone told us that we had to visit Theth after going hiking the mountains outside of Prizren.  I hadn’t really heard of Theth at this point, but when I decided that we were visiting Albania, I became obsessed with hiking Theth.  I am not the world’s best hiker, but the hiking in Theth is worth the struggle.  Anyways, here’s some gorgeous photos of Theth to start off with… (You can organize a trip from Shkodra.)

Photo of Theth National Park in Albania. See how beautiful Albania is!

Beginning of the Theth hike

Photo of Theth Church in Theth Albania, one of the most beautiful places in Albania.

End of Theth hike and the famous church of Theth

Photo of Thethi in the Accursed Mountains of Albania. See how beautiful Albania is!

Photo of the Accursed Mountains (Bjeshkët e Namuna) in Albania. Foto te bukura te Shqiperise

Photo of Kulla e ngujimit in Thethi Albania. See one of the most beautiful villages in Albania through beautiful photos of Albania!

The Kulla is visible

Blood Feud Tower in Theth Albania., where Albanian families would settle blood feuds according to the Kanun.

The Kulla / Blood Feud tower upclose
This is the Kulla e ngujimit aka the blood feud tower.  Northern Albania has long had its own set of laws referred to as the Kanun, which specifies etiquette to punishments for murders.  Historically, this included the ability to have a vengeance killing (although only men can be assassinated; not women, the elderly, children, or sworn virgins).  A kulla more generally is a fortified tower, however this one was used to negotiate blood feuds, which can last for generations.  Blood feuds were banned during communist times and the tower is now an tourist attraction.

Photo of man hiking in Theth National Park in Albania. See why you should visit Albania with beautiful photos of Albania! #Albania #Travel #Balkans

Photo of the Blue Eye of Theth, one of the most beautiful places in Albania. #Travel #Balkans #Albania

The blue eye of Theth
There’s two blue eyes (Syri kaltër)  in Albania:  one in the North and one in the South.  We didn’t get to the Southern Blue Eye, but the Blue Eye of Theth was absolutely beautiful (although freezing cold).

Photo of Albanian girl crossing a bridge in Theth National Park in Albania. (Shih fotot e bukura të Shqipërisë)

Crossing a wooden bridge to the blue eye of Theth

Photo of Blue Eye of Thethi, a beautiful waterfall in Albania with blue-green water. The perfect day trip from Shkodra Albania!

It is absolutely amazing. Click below for the video!

Photo of Albanian girl at restaurant overlooking the Blue Eye of Theth (the Blue Eye of the North) in Albania. This restaurant has the best views of the Blue Eye.

Above the Blue eye of Theth is a little restaurant with a wooden platform directly above the water. You have to climb a wooden ladder upwards for one of the best views of the blue eye of Theth!

Photo of village of Theth in Albania. See beautiful photos of rural life in Northern Albania.

Photo of Albanian woman in Theth with her goats. Glimpse into traditional Albanian life by visiting Theth, one of the most beautiful villages in Albania.

We were greeted by friendly locals and goats

Photo of a poisonous snake in Albania (Orsini's viper), one of the native wildlife seen in Theth National Park.

Nothing like meeting the wildlife… (Ursini’s Viper)

Beautiful photo of rural life in Albania showing a woman carrying sticks back to Theth. See more photos of how beautiful Albania is! #Travel #Albania #Balkans

This woman was crossing the river above Theth with a ton of sticks on her back. I was a bit nervous about crossing, but she convinced me that it was fine although Lavdi and I held onto each other for safety.


It’s almost impossible to skip Tirana, Albania’s lively capital.  The city is very modern, but I quite liked the Pyramid of Tirana.  It was built in honor of Enver Hoxha and designed by his daughter.  The Pyramid is partially used for broadcasting now although it’s mostly abandoned at this point.  For those who love post-communist architecture, taking photos in Tirana will be a blast.

Photo of the Pyramid of Tirana in Tirana Albania, one of the main attractions of Tirana.

The infamous Pyramid of Tirana

Sliding down the Pyramid of Tirana

One of the best parts of the Pyramid of Tirana: Sliding down from the top!

Photo of Byrek, a traditional Balkan food commonly eaten in Albania. This Albanian byrek was homemade.

BYREK. If you don’t byrek-fast, you haven’t visited Albania. 😉

Beautiful photo of Tirana's main square, Skanderbeg Square.

Skanderbeg Square, the heart of Tirana

Theth to Valbona and Valbona

The trail between Theth and Valbona is absolutely stunning and I encourage ANYONE visiting Albania to visit this beautiful region.  The hike is moderately difficult.  I advise not carrying a large bag if possible and wearing proper footwear as the path is quite steep at times.

Photo of Theth to Valbona trail from Valbona peak in Albania. See how beautiful the Accursed Mountains of Albania are! #Travel #AdventureTravel #Balkans #Albania

View from the top of Valbona

Beautiful black and white photo of view from Valbona peak in Albania. See how beautiful Albania is! #Travel #Albania #Balkans

Shqiperia e bukur. Beautiful view of mountains in Albania!

Photo of hikers in Valbona Peak National Park in Albania, one of the most beautiful places in Albania.

Arrival in Valbona

Photo of Valbona in Albania. Shihni sa bukur është Valbona!

View from our hotel in Valbona

Foto e bukur e Valbona Albania, një nga vendet më të mira për të vizituar Shqipërinë.


Photos of Berat Albania

Berat is a UNESCO recognized city in Southern Albania and it is absolutely STUNNING.    The city is estimated to be over 2,000 years old and you can see the city that many call “The City of A Thousand Windows.”  More comically, if you stay in one of the historic guest houses (we stayed in a guesthouse in the Fortress for 30 euros for the night), you can practically walk on someone else’s roof.   All the alleyways of Berat are absolutely stunning and Berat Castle (at the top) is the prize for making it there.  Be warned that the hill up to Berat Fortress is a steep and long, so don’t overpack or bring your rolling suitcase. Berat has lots of adorable cats.

Sunset in Berat, one of the most beautiful places in Albania to visit. See why you should visit Albania through 50 beautiful Albania photos!

Berat from across the river

Photo of Berat Castle in Berat Albania. (Kalaja e Beratit)

Berat Castle

Beautiful photo of girl enjoying view from Berat castle in Berat Albania. Foto e bukur e vajzës që shijon pamjen nga kështjella e Beratit në Berat të Shqipërisë.

Cherene enjoying the view

Photo of cute cat in Berat Albania.

One of the many friendly cats that we met

Beautiful photo of Albania's best attraction: Berat Castle in Berat Albania. Foto e mrekullueshme e atraksionit më të mirë të Shqipërisë: Kalaja e Beratit në Berat të Shqipërisë.

Photo of Berat Fortress

Photo of Berat rooftops from hotel in Berat Albania. See why you should visit Albania's city of a thousand windows!

View out the bathroom window (Really!)

Photo of Tirana Beer in Berat Albania.

Enjoying a Tirana beer in Berat with a view

Catspotting photo of a cute cat in Berat Albania, one of the best destinations for cute cats in Albania!

The cutest shopkeeper that I’ve ever seen.

Photo of beautiful alleyways in Berat Albania, one of the most beautiful places in Albania.

Beautiful photo of historical city gate of Berat Castle in Berat Albania. #Travel #Balkans #Albania

Entrance to Berat

Beautiful photo of historic bridge in UNESCO recognized city of Berat Albania. #UNESCO #Travel #Albania

Photos of Shkodra / Shkodër

​Shkodër is one of Albania’s centres of culture and Shkodër is a beautiful city in its own right once you get into the historic city centre.  It’s full of adorable cafes, lively bars, and cozy shops.  At night, the centre (practically) becomes a catwalk for locals in beautiful outfits going out for dinner/a walk.   Those heading to Theth or Montenegro will most likely be passing through Shkodra by bus, so take an extra day or two to explore it properly as it’s more charming than I expected with delicious food.

Photo of historical city centre of Shkoder Albania. Foto e qendrës historike të qytetit të Shkodrës. #Travel #Shkoder #Albania

Beautiful photo of famous fortress in Albania: Rozafa castle.

Rozafa castle

Beautiful photo of Albanian desserts in Shkoder Albania. #Travel #Food #Albania

Photo of colorful city centre of Shkoder Albania. See why you should visit Albania.

Countryside in Northern Albania

It’s almost impossible to take a photo of the Albanian countryside without including a photo of a bunker in Albania.   There are estimated to be over 173,000 bunkers in Albania due to Enver Hoxha’s paranoia that a war would break out with Yugoslavia or the USSR.  

Beautiful photo of bunker in countryside of Albania.

Bunkers 😉

Photos of Kolmani Lake / Lake Kolman

Kolmani Lake is one of the big attractions in Northern Albania. I had assumed the lake had existed naturally a long time and when I looked at beautiful photos of Lake Kolman, I was sold when the organizer of our ride to Theth booked us ferry tickets on the way back.  Lake Kolman is actually a reservoir that was artificially formed in the 1980s.  I would call the Lane Kolman Ferry more of a tourist boat than a ferry as it goes slowly to allow you to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Albania.

Photo from Lake Kolman ferry, one of the most beautiful places in Albania.

Photo of Lake Kolmani, one of the most beautiful places in Albania to visit. Foto e liqenit Kolmani, një nga vendet më të bukura në Shqipëri për të vizituar.

Beautiful photo of Kolmani Lake in Albania, one of the best attractions in Albania. #Albania #Travel #Balkans

Photo of Albanian flag on Lake Koman Ferry.

Albanian flag with two headed eagle on it fluttering in the wind

Beautiful photo of Albania's most famous reservoir.

Beautiful photo of the view from the Lake Kolmani ferry in Albania. #Albania #Travel

Beautiful photo of mountains near Lake Koman, one of the most beautiful places in Albania.

Have you been to Albania? Where was the most beautiful place in Albania that you visited?

​Which photo was your favorite?

Psssss Albanians, I’ll be back, so tell me where I should go next in Albania!

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