Kosovo was one of those countries that made me wish that I had all the time in the world to experience every country.  With on time buses, ridiculously friendly locals who spoke great English who occasionally gave us free dessert, beautiful mountains, amazing architecture, a fascinating history, small distances between its major cities, and low prices, Kosovo is the perfect country for travelers interested in diving into Balkan culture and history.  Ready to see 40+ beautiful Kosovo photos?

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Many backpackers only pass through this tiny Balkan country without leaving its modern capital Pristina or taking the time to learn more about its complex history.

For me, Kosovo is really about people.   I was overwhelmed by the kindness of people that we met ranging from strangers who offered us beds in their houses to a stranger who gave me a tour of his neighborhood after greeting me on the street.  If you’re not sure about Kosovo, you need to see it to believe it.

I visited Kosovo one year ago.  I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I found elaborate mosques, historic churches, stunning mountains, breathtaking waterfalls, and nobody else around. The last bit amazed me: How can there be so much beauty in a country without mobs of tourists (like I’m used to in the Netherlands)?

Kosovo tourism is growing, but Kosovo tourism isn’t mainstream yet.   Before tourism in Kosovo gets to the point that it has in many other European countries, you should discover Kosovo for yourself. Hopefully these photos of Kosovo will inspire you to visit Kosovo…

Note: This post is just a lot of wanderlust inspiration with beautiful photos of Kosovo, so if you’re looking for Kosovo travel tips or more places in Kosovo that I didn’t get to visit, head over to my detailed post with all the logistics you need to know about visiting Kosovo.

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On a related note, a lot of people have no idea what Kosovo looks like or where it is on a map, so I hope that I can show you through my photographs what Kosovo actually looks like.  I did not get everywhere and these are my favorite photos.


Pristina is  the capital city of Kosovo.  It’s full of interesting architecture, including the National Library… You can judge it for yourself!

Photo of the National Library in Pristina Kosovo. See the interesting architecture in Kosovo!

National Library in Pristina Kosovo

Photo of the National Library in Pristina Kosovo. Discover why you should put this Balkan country on your bucket list! (foto te bukura kosovare)

National Library in Pristina Kosovo
As an American visiting Kosovo, I had to visit Bill Clinton’s infamous statue in Pristina…

Photo of Bill Clinton Statue in Pristina Kosovo. Discover more weird things to do in Kosovo. (fotot e kosovës)


Peja surprised me in the best way possible.  This charming city in Kosovo was full of fantastic markets, beautiful nature accessible via a day trip from Peja, and beautiful mountains framing the city.

Tregu në Pejë. Zbuloni Kosovën përmes fotove të bukura të Kosovës!

Lumi i bukur në Kosovë. Shihni pse ju duhet të vizitoni Pejën në fotot e bukura të Kosovës

The color of the water in Peja was absolutely beautiful.

Gjëra të bukura shqiptare në Pejë të Kosovës

Tregu në Pejë në Kosovë. Vizitoni Pejën për një treg të bukur në Kosovë

The owner of one of the traditional dress shops in Peja invited me into her store after I spent a while admiring the gowns outside. She even showed me her traditional weaving techniques, which were all done by hand.

Men with axes?

Lumi i bukur në Pejë. Shoh pse të vizitoni Pejën.

Beautiful rooftop view in Peja Kosovo. Pamje e bukur e tavanit në Kosovë. Shih qytetet më të bukura në Kosovë.

We ended up on a rooftop and the view was absolutely spectacular.

Day Trips from Peja: Patriarchate of Peja

It’s hard to miss the Patriarchate of Peja.  This UNESCO recognized church is absolutely beautiful and its setting in the Accursed Mountains is awe-inspiring.

Malet e Pejës në Kosovë. Shih fotot më të bukura të Pejës. Beautiful photo of Kosova.

Foto e Patriarkanës së Pejës në Kosovë. Shihni më shumë foto të Kosovës!

Security guard sweeping up

Foto e maleve të acaruara në Pejë të Kosovës. Zbuloni bukurinë e Kosovës përmes fotografive të bukura të Kosovës.

River by the Accursed Mountains

Foto e Patriarkanës së Pejës në Pejë. Shih fotot më të bukura të Kosovës!

Foto e Patriarkanës së Pejës. Shoh pse të vizitoni Kosovën.

Day trips from Peja: Radavc and White Drin Waterfall (Drini i bardh)

If you’re in Peja, you can take the bus to the nearby town of Radavc for Kosovo’s most beautiful waterfall, White Drin waterfall, and to visit the caves there.

Fruit stand in Kosovo.

Fruit stand.

House under construction in Radavc Kosovo

Charming house under construction

Photo of restaurant in Peja Kosovo. This restaurant is next to Drini i bardh.

Supposedly the best restaurant in Peja (the fish was delicious)

Beautiful waterfall with amazing blue water in Peja Kosovo. See why you should visit Kosovo via beautiful nature photographs.

White Drin waterfall

Beautiful waterfall in Peja Kosovo. Discover more beautiful places in Kosovo via beautiful photos! #Kosovo #waterfall #Peja #balkans

Photo of river near Peja. Discover the best nature in Kosovo through beautiful pictures of Kosovo. #Kosovo #Travel #Waterfall #Fall

Beautiful stream near White Drin Waterfall in Kosovo. Discover beautiful nature in Kosovo with 40+ beautiful photos! #nature #Kosovo #Balkans #Peja

Little stream stemming from White Drin waterfall
If you visit Radavc, you should make a reservation for the Sleeping Beauty cave there.  Click for more information about things to do in Kosovo, including contact information for the Sleeping Beauty cave.

Sleeping Beauty Cave in Kosovo. Discover the best day trips from Peja in photography.

Sleeping Beauty Cave


We ended up in Gjakova by mistake, but this city in Kosovo has some of the most charming architecture in its Bazaar that we saw while in Kosovo.

Vendor selling apples in Kosovo.

Photo of beautiful street in Gjakova Kosovo. See why Gjakova is considered the most beautiful city in Kosovo by some. #Kosovo #Balkans

Photo of saddles in the Grand Bazaar in Gjakova Kosovo. Visit Gjakova for a beautiful market in Kosovo. #Kosovo #Gjakova

Although much of the city was destroyed, the Grand Bazaar of Gjakova has been rebuilt and it’s full of beautiful streets and cafes.

Photo from the Grand Bazaar of Gjakova. Discover the beauty of Kosovo and the best cities to visit in Kosovo via photography.

Photo from the Grand Bazaar of Gjakova, one of the best things to see in Gjakova. See more beautiful cities in Kosovo!

Photo of the Hadum Mosque in Kosovo. The interior of this beautiful mosque is why you should visit Kosovo! #mosque #travel #Kosovo #Balkans

A must-see is the historic Hadum Mosque with beautiful hand-drawn embellishments all over the mosque.

Visit the Hadum Mosque in Gjakova Kosovo with more beautiful photos of the best tourist attractions in Gjakova. See more photos of Kosovo.

Beautiful Hadum Mosque in Gjakova. See beautiful photos from most beautiful mosque in Kosovo.


Most backpackers in Kosovo pass through Prizren, simply for its convenience, however this historic market city of Kosovo is a photographer’s paradise.  If you’re looking to take the famous photo of Prizren, you must find the stone bridge of Prizren.

The beautiful Old Stone Bridge of Prizren. See more beautiful photos from Prizren with photos to inspire wanderlust!

Similarly, the most beautiful mosque in Prizren (Sinan Pasha Mosque) was built in the 1600s.

Photo of Sinan Pasha Mosque in Kosovo. See the beautiful paintings in the Sinan Pasha Mosque.

Man praying in the Sinan Pasha Mosque in Kosovo. See why you should visit Prizren Kosovo in the Balkans with photos of Kosovo #Prizren #travel #Balkans

The perfect place for a Kosovo photo is from the top of the Kalaja in Prizren where you can enjoy the sunset.

Mountains from Prizren Fortress. See the best tourist attraction in Prizren with beautiful photos of Prizren Kosovo.

Beautiful view of prizren from Kalaja Fortress in Prizren Kosovo. See the beauty of Kosovo through beautiful photographs.

Beautiful view from Kalaja e Prizrenit in Prizren Kosovo. See the best place to take photos in Prizren and more beautiful photos of Prizren Kosovo

Kalaja e Prizrenit

Sar Mountains (Day Trip from Prizren)

After seeing photos of the Kosovo mountains (especially the Sar mountains), I had to go hiking. We managed to get out from Prizren to Prevallë (more about how we got to Prevallë here).  It was October and the colors of the leaves were spectacular.

Photo of foliage in Kosovo . Discover the beauty of Kosovo through beautiful travel photographs of Kosovo. #travel #Kosovo #balkans #fall #nature

Beautiful fall foliage in Sharr Mountains in Kosovo. See why you should visit Kosovo through 40+ beautiful photos of Kosovo. Discover the Sar Mountains.

Beautiful bridge in #Kosovo. See more beautiful Kosovo photographs to inspire you to visit this off the beaten path gem in the Balkans. #Balkans #travel

Photo of man on bridge in mountains in Kosovo. See why you should visit Kosovo in fall with beautiful photographs of Kosovo. #fall #Kosovo #Balkans #fall

Photo from top of Prevalle rock in Kosovo. See more beautiful Kosovo tourism to see why Kosovo tourism is growing.

Photo of mountains in Kosovo. See more beautiful photos from Kosovo to inspire your trip to the Balkans. #photography #mountains #Kosovo #fall #Balkans

Photo of mountain stream in Sar Mountains in Kosovo. See more beautiful Kosovo photos and inspiration to visit Kosovo.

Gračanica: Day Trip from Pristina Kosovo

Before leaving Kosovo, we visited the UNESCO recognized Gračanica church, only 30 minutes from Pristina, Kosovo.  It was absolutely stunning inside although photos are not allowed.  You’ll just have to visit for yourself to see the elaborate paintings that are being restored.

One day in Zwolle: Things to do in Zwolle

Photo of gate outside of Gračanica church in Kosovo. Discover beautiful Kosovo photos from the Balkans.

Photo of Gračanica church in Kosovo. Discover 40+ beautiful photos of Kosovo, including this UNESCO recognized church. #UNESCO #Kosovo #Gračanica

Have you been to Kosovo? Where is the most beautiful place in Kosovo that you’ve visited?

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Kosovo is one of the gems of the Balkans. Discover Kosovo through beautiful photos to inspire you to visit the Balkans. #Kosovo #Balkans #Photography

Planning to visit Kosovo? 46 beautiful photos to inspire you to visit Kosovo with beautiful photography of Kosovo in October. #Kosovo #Balkans #Europe

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