As a born-and-raised Melbournian, I will tell anybody that listens that this is truly the best city! Melbourne has been voted the ‘most liveable city in the world’ by the Economist for 6 consecutive years now. However, Australia is not a budget-friendly country for travelers. With a decent cup of coffee costing between $3-$5, it can be easy to see where all of our money goes (You must have at least ONE world-famous Melbourne coffee!) This post is the attempt of a local Melbournian helping you navigate my hometown on $20 AUD or less a day.  Includes tips for what to eat in Melbourne under $15 AUD and what to do in Melbourne for free.  FREE downloadable Google Map that you can use offline at the bottom!

Guest Post courtesy of native Melbournian Kirstin from The Roaming Street! Keep reading for insider advice for visiting Melbourne and the best things to do in melbourne on a budget! 
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Free things to do in Melbourne

Get Lost in the Laneways

​One of the most popular pastimes in Melbourne is to ‘get lost in its laneways’.  By far, the most popular branch is off Bourke Street Mall. Bourke Street Mall itself has many upscale shops and is always full to the brim with street entertainers. The laneways that break up Melbourne’s somewhat boring grid layout are always an adventure.  The laneways just off Bourke Street Mall are exquisitely maintained, and be sure to notice every detail from the bannisters to the ceilings!

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There are more hidden gems with local street art and graffiti around the city. My personal favourite laneway is Degraves Street. You’ll find the nice cafes for breakfast or coffee just off Flinders Street. Keep your eyes peeled for some amazing ~$5 coffee and croissant deals!

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Flinders Street Station

Impossible to miss!  Flinders Street Station is the major public transport hub in Melbourne, famous for its beautifully old facade, the clocks, and the steps… You’ll overhear locals saying ‘I’ll meet you at the steps’.

Royal Botanical Gardens

These beautiful gardens are a short walk down Flinders Street Station via a bridge over the Yarra river.  The gardens are bordered by ‘The Tan’, our most popular running track! The gardens are lovely to wander. Bring your own picnic from the local supermarket (Coles or Woolworths) to save money!

St Kilda Beach


Luna Park in Melbourne. One of the best free things to do in Melbourne and where to eat in Melbourne on a budget

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St Kilda Beach is an area teeming with hipsters and chilled out beachgoers. While not the cleanest or prettiest beach, the area is bustling with restaurants, bars, events and even a small theme park (Luna Park). You’ll find spontaneous music festivals and pop-up markets here in summer! You can walk along the shoreline, down the pier, or along the Esplanade.  The Esplanade is where the restaurants can be found.  (Note: this is outside the free tram zone so you will need to top up your Myki card.)

Best Places to Eat in Melbourne Under $15

You’ll want to head out of the city centre to one of three areas for good, cheap food in melbourne. There are many great restaurants and bars in the city, however they tend to be more expensive.   Don’t forget to have brunch (Try poached eggs with avocado on toast) with a cup of famous Melbourne coffee; it’s a Melbourne must.

Poached Eggs with Middle Eastern Chickpea Bake - close-up - Mitte AUD15
Chapel Street

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My personal favourites include:

  • Colonel Tan’s: Colonel Tan’s is a fusion Thai restaurant located in Chapel Street’s infamous Revolver, a local dive bar.  However, the restaurant has an awesome ambience. I highly recommend the Popcorn Chicken and their Bangkok Bolognaise. Avoid ordering one of their (delicious but pricey) cocktails.
  • Lucky Coq: If your wallet is feeling the stretch, you can’t go wrong with $4 pizza (at selected times-check the website) and cheap beer! With no entry fee, and a cool rooftop lounge upstairs, you can eat pizza and dance the night away. (How much better can life get!?)
  • Messina: Without a doubt, the best ice-cream in Melbourne! They have daily special flavours.  Perfect for catching up with friends. CASH ONLY.
  • Chapel Street Kebabs: Another Melbourne tradition, this is reserved exclusively for a post-piss-up (after a long night of drinking) greasy snack! Always disgustingly delicious and perfect to fight off an impending hangover! ​
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Lygon Street

Lygon Street is in Carlton, on the opposite side of the city to Chapel Street. It is famous for its Italian restaurants and you’re guaranteed a hearty bowl of pasta or great pizza. Keep an eye out for Brunetti & La Spaghettata in particular. True to Melbourne form, be sure to turn down some of the side-streets, branching off of Lygon Street, to find some hidden gems.  Lygon Street also does a mean breakfast or brunch!



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Brunswick Street runs parallel to Lygon Street, a few blocks down. You’ll find lots of University students–and cheap eats. Brunswick Street is a hipster’s paradise and it is a great place to find a quality vegetarian/vegan meal in Melbourne. My favorite is the Vegie Bar. My true-blue Aussie, steak-loving boyfriend tried one of their specialties, the quinoa burger, and loved it!  The food is always hearty, delicious, and never more than $16 for a main. Ask for the satay sauce and the incredible homemade berry cheesecake (However, be quick, once they sell out there is no more). 

Cheap Day Trips from Melbourne

Williamstown Beach isn’t so much a beach area, but a cool place to sit and watch the sunset with views of the city as well as the Westgate bridge.  Take a stroll down the pier on a summer night and maybe take a dip in the water.
If you’re looking for something a bit different and want to experience day-to-day life in Melbourne’s outer suburbs Dandenong is the most multicultural city in Australia and my hometown. It is teeming with different cultures, cuisines and people. It is an hour train ride from Melbourne, and has good public transport options.  Make sure to visit on a Tuesday, Friday or Saturday to visit the famous Dandenong Markets, get a hot jam donut and browse the stalls. Dandenong offers a lot, even go-karts, an aquarium with stingrays and sharks, and some very cheap shopping and eating. You can buy fresh Afghani bread (the size of an arm’s length) for $1! If you’re travelling solo, visit during the day.

Tips for getting around Melbourne with public transit

You will most likely begin your journey at Flinders Street Station.  Melbourne city centre isn’t all that big, so you can easily walk from one end to the other. (It’s also a grid, so it’s hard to get lost.)  All tram travel within the grid (and even certain spots outside) is free.  Trams run until just past midnight although they get packed at peak times.  (Taxis are very expensive, so stick to apps instead.)
If you prefer to venture out a bit further, you will need a Myki card. Myki is your only option to pay for a bus, tram or train; they will not take cash! As of March 2017, the myki card itself will cost you about $6 and a daily fare will cost you $8.20. (It is possible to buy your Myki card beforehand.) A 1 day visitor pass will give you discounted entry to some local attractions although buying weekly/monthly passes is better for longer stays. Another alternative is the Melbourne Bike Share, which has bicycles stationed all over the city with only a $3 daily registration fee to use any of these bikes for a 30-minute ride to any other bike station in the city.

How to get to Melbourne from the Airport

Transport from the Melbourne airport is not ideal. There is a shuttle bus (Skybus), it costs $19 and takes 20 minutes each way.  If you wish to be thrifty, you can purchase a Myki card at the airport before taking a bus and a train.  Bare in mind though, this takes over an hour.

Where to stay in Melbourne

You’ll find many affordable hostels in Melbourne, so be sure to book ahead to get the cheapest prices although Melbourne isn’t the cheapest city to stay in.  Look up United Backpackers, Space Hotel, and Home at the Mansion for affordable dorm options.  For a private room, you might find 5* hotels discounted for a same cost as a private room at a cheap hotel if you book in advance, so plan ahead.

Download your free Google map with Kirstin’s recommendations below!

Have you been to Melbourne?  Any other favorite places to add?

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