Does Wanderlustingk accept guest posters? Sort of, but we’re super picky.

I run an independent travel blog with 27,000+ followers on social media & 190,000+ page views (June 2018). My readers are curious, well-traveled, and always looking for the insider scoop about a place.  It’s a mix of Europeans and Americans (who like to travel internationally). You can check out my guest posts here.

I accept guest posts from real bloggers, not companies posing as bloggers or SEO agencies. I will see straight through fake guest posts and if you manage to slip through the cracks, I will pull the post.  I do not accept “sponsored” content from guest posters. You only get links to your own personal blog, which cannot be a commercial website.

For SEO agencies and shady “bloggers” who have a client backlink to promote: I do not accept commercial guest posts and don’t contact me  I do not endorse products that I have not personally used nor do I sell follow links.


What I look for in a guest post and the guest poster

  • Someone who knows the area as a local and/or long-time visitor with an interest in history, culture, food, sports, adventure travel, or something else related to travel.
  • You’re a real person.
  • Not the same stuff as the top 10 on tripadvisor.
  • A definitive viewpoint preferably
  • A guide that can cover the topic comprehensively with specific details (e.g. if you discuss your favorite neighborhood, please name your favorite restaurant and a great dish. [Doesn’t need to be done for every restaurant, but if you have a favorite item, mention it.].)
  • ​1000+ words (or more)
  • Original images (if possible).  Images must belong to you.  I have access to stock images, so not a problem if you don’t have any images.
  • You’re okay with SEO optimization edits.
  • Blog post has never been published anywhere before. Similar posts okay, but please clear them with me first as to avoid duplicate content.
  • A draft that has been edited for grammar.
  • Will respond in a reasonable time frame to requests and edits.
  • Will share the post once it’s finished to your social media platforms.

What you get by guest posting for me

  • A built-in audience 
  • SEO Optimization
  • ​Fact checking to ensure your information is updated
  • Relevant images from Instagram embedded into the post
  • I will create all social media graphics 
  • I will dedicate a week to sharing your post across social media on Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook to reach a broader audience
  • Native English speaking editor
  • A do follow link to your personal blog (Preferably a post on a related topic if you want to get traffic.)

Guest Post Ideas that do well here…  Although I’m open to others.

  • Local guide to your city/region
    • Where to eat/drink
    • Best food to try in your region
    • Off the beaten path locations
    • Your city on a budget
    • Best neighborhoods in your city
    • Best photography spots in your city
    • ​Best day trips from your city​
    • Itinerary for your city
    • Public transportation
    • Self-guided Walking tour
  • Travel tips for a city/park that you wish people knew before visiting.
  • National parks 
  • Road trip itineraries
  • Road trip tips for X country
  • Independent itinerary for traveling around a region or country
  • Things you wish you knew before visiting X (place/country/attractions)
  • Best places to visit in your country 
  • Seasonal guide to your city (e.g. Christmas / New Year’s / a big national celebration).
  • Complete itinerary for your country 
  • Things to know before you visit X
  • Cool cultural drinks/traditions in X country worth experiencing. 
  • Helpful travel tips 
  • Travel tips for X city/region/country
  • What to pack for a destination
I prefer guest posts that are about places that you know well or ones that will resonate with my audience.  (I’ve been very clear with what does well.)   (It’s fine if you visited a city for more than 2 days and you did a lot of research prior to visiting about your itinerary, but prefer ones you know better.)
What does not fit my audience….
I am not a digital nomad, so please do not pitch any digital nomad posts to me.  Also, no blogging tips.  Similarly, I prefer non-lifestyle posts.  This is a travel blog.

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