Looking to increase your page views? Get advice on how to increase traffic to your website from Google using white hat SEO services provided by Wanderlustingk.  My website currently receives over 150,000 page views per month, as of April 2018, after only having 5,000 page views last January. How? White hat SEO techniques and white hat link building.

I have different packages depending on your needs ranging from a one time consultation to discuss website improvements to multiple sessions to help optimize your pages for SEO.

I’m located in The Hague, Zuid Holland and I’m available for white hat SEO consulting in the Hague and the larger Holland region.   If you’re elsewhere in the Netherlands (or world), we can Skype.  I read/understand Dutch and I’m capable of doing SEO audits in Dutch (seo consultancy in het nederlands) although our conversation may be in English.

I had a client who moved from 10,000 page views per month, unsure of how to find the right keywords to reach her audience, move to 21,000 page views per month within one month.

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