Jeju SEO Tool: Free SEO Writing Tool

Free SEO Writing Tool for optimizing your articles for keywords. Copyright: Jacob Turner.   Named for the amazing Haenyeo pearl divers from Jeju Island in Korea.

Best used on desktop! This is an early version, so please get in touch if there are bugs or you have an idea for a feature.

We hope that it will work for non-English languages. Beta testing looks good for Dutch (Seo schrijven), German (SEO schriftlich), Spanish SEO Writing (Escritura de seo), however please drop us a note if the SEO tool works and/or doesn’t work in your language if you’re writing in another language.. Our goal is to have it work for most languages eventually.

You know which SEO keywords to rank for, but you’re not sure that you’ve used the keywords enough to optimize your article for SEO keywords.  Yoast might recommend using your keywords more, but sometimes you need to ignore Yoast.

This tool is 100% free (with ads) and meant to help you double check if your article is ready for publication!

We recommend using each keyword that you want to rank for at least 2 times although we consider 4 times to be enough to rank for it (if your Domain Authority (DA)  is competitive for the search).   

Note: You should still optimize your SEO title & description as well as check search quantities/DA, however this is meant to help you optimize your article text beyond what you’ll find with the free SEO writing tools out there that limit you in terms of keywords.  (I use Keysearch for finding good keywords.)   Some keyword searches are seasonal and it takes time to rank.

​​Although you can use up to 20 SEO keywords, we do not recommend this unless your article is at least 7,000 words.
For an article that is 500 words, we recommend using 3-5 SEO keywords maximum. 
Using too many keywords (as it takes into account your word count) can incur a Google penalty, so don’t overdo it.   Calculate accordingly.

We encourage you to use your most important keywords in the first 100 words.  KEEP SCROLLING!


The 100% Free SEO writing tool for SEO article writing for optimizing your articles for SEO! #SEO #Bloggers #SEOWriting

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SEO Keyword Tool

Jeju SEO Keyword Tool


In the box on the left, please enter the keyphrases to be searched.
Either include each keyphrase in a separate line, or separate them
by commas. Then enter the text to be searched in the box beneath.
Press submit to process the input.

A button has been created for each keyphrase and the 100th word. Clicking the
buttons toggles highlighting.

A dropdown menu allows you to sort keyphrases via various criteria.You can
also choose to view only the keyphrases actually used or see those keyphrases
not used. Changing the order or which keyphrases are visible undoes all

Show only used Keyphrases?      Show only non-used Keyphrases?